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    Ritter Medical GmbH

    Ritter Medical specialises in high quality robotic disposables, liquid dispensing and clinical solutions used every day by researchers in more than 55 countries worldwide to achieve successful results in  clinical and biotechnological laboratory and healthcare applications.

    Ritter´s success is based on its independence and responsiveness, as a medium-sized, wholly-owned company with ‘Made in Germany’ high quality standards, making Ritter Medical a partner of choice for a wide range of needs and giving it ability to respond to emerging customer demands with new products, developed with expertise and regard for economic efficiency, from the initial concept up to full-scale cleanroom production.

    Product areas

    Ritter Medical has three main product areas:

    Robotic Consumables

    Numerous laboratories with sensitive instruments are equipped with robotic consumables from Ritter Medical, such as Riplate® SBS-format microtiter and deep well plates for protein-crystallization and ELISA testing, magnetic  plates for mixing or centrifugation of samples and square well plates for high capacity requirements. Riplate plates are compatible with all the most widely-used robotic systems.

    Other Ritter Medical robotic consumable offerings include:

    • conductive tips.
    • non-conductive tips.
    • microTube rack for use with robotic systems and multichannel pipetters.

    Liquid handling

    Ritter provides a wide range of liquid handling and precision dispensing solutions that include the widely-used Ripette® range of handheld dispensers and Ritip® conductive tips, across a range of sizes from 10 μL up to 1300 μL for dispensers and for automated systems such as Dynex, Hamilton, Qiagen or Tecan.

    Other Liquid Handling products include:

    • Ripette® pro: optimized for ultra-precise dispensing of contaminated fluids and volatile liquids.
    • Ritips® evolution: universal syringe dispenser tips for a variety of steppers.
    • Bottle Dispenser: designed for fitting to bottles with 1-inch (26 mm) threaded caps to permit easy single-handed dispensing of liquids in volumes of either 500 μL or 1000 μL.

    Clinical Products

    Ritter has also developed a range of specific solutions for clinical and healthcare applications. These include:

    • paraTest®: Flotation method parasite diagnosis system for the analysis of fecal samples from animals.
    • polysteribox®: Reusable sterilization container suitable for autoclave- and plasma sterilization, made from transparent, highly robust and temperature resistant special plastic material.
    • Bicarbonate Cartridges for Dialysis: DiaCart, DiaBox, DiaCart 1100 and Special Cartridges for hemodialysis.

    Company history and structure

    Ritter Medical is a business division of Ritter GmbH, founded in 1965 by the late Franz-Peter Ritter, dedicated to producing plastic products of impeccable quality. Since its inception, Ritter has been located in Bavaria in southern Germany.

    Ritter Medical was founded as a separate business division in 1987, initially producing an innovative system for drawing blood that allowed several syringes to be adapted to one cannula.

    In 1997, Ritter relocated to its current site in Schwabmünchen in Bavaria, where It´s facilities now cover more than 30,000 square meters. Shortly afterwards, Ritter Medical commenced production of well-plates for laboratory, analysis and robot systems and cartridge systems for hemodialysis, in collaboration with Serumwerk Bernburg AG.

    Ritter remains a family-owned company, currently led by Franz-Peter’s sons, Ralf and Frank Ritter.

    The company now employs more than 350 people, including an Eastern European production site at Volcja Draga, Slovenia.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    Ritter’s overall Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for design, development, production and distribution of plastic components, particularly of cartridges, medical articles and laboratory products. The company also holds QMS EN ISO 13485:2016 certification for production of medical devices and ISO 50001 Management System certification.

    Suitability of Ritter Medical materials complies with EC REACH regulations 1907/2006.

    Click on Ritter Medical Certifications for complete statement on quality standards and certificates.

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