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    L.B. Bohle extends new designs as orders pipeline strengthens

    news-releasesL.B. Bohle
    April 18th 2024

    Ennigerloh, Germany: – L.B. Bohle cites record sales and order bookings as clear signs that its years of investment in continuous manufacturing solutions, establishment of its Global Service Division, and new machine designs are bearing fruit.

    Lorenz Bohle, shareholder and chairman of the advisory board of L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH, reports that the company’s patent-protected market leadership in continuous manufacturing, the expansion of its Global Service division and the high demand for machines for the batch production of tablets have led to a strong market position and demand.

    Balanced strategy

    “In 2023, we achieved the best sales in the company’s history, and the order backlog is currently better than ever,” says Mr. Bohle.

    “However, we want to continue to grow organically in the future and now need to build new capacity in a measured way,” Mr. Bohle cautions.

    He says L.B. Bohle will adopt a mix of strategies to avoid over-capacity that include maximizing its use of internal resources and expanding its global network to include qualified suppliers and service providers.

    Expanded workforce

    L.B. Bohle is expanding its workforce, with total number of employees reaching 310 over the past year, number of apprentices almost doubled over 2019 levels, and the company currently hiring in at least ten skill areas.

    “L.B. Bohle has always attached great importance to training and qualification,” commented Managing Director Thorsten Wesselmann, before going on to warn that demographic trends will present the company with major challenges in the coming years.

    “Over the next four years, we will lose around ten percent of our workforce for reasons of age,” Wesselmann calculates. “We are therefore recruiting extensively. We are constantly expanding, especially in the areas of software development, global service and electronics,” he says.

    New designs at ACHEMA

    Following the successful launch of the New Generation Design BRC 100 dry granulator, BFC 400 tablet coater and the QbCon® 1 continuous granulator and dryer, all honored by German Design Awards, L.B. Bohle is looking to introduce three more new design machines during 2024.

    NextGen versions of the BFC 5 Laboratory Coater, BTS 200 Sieve and BRC 25 Dry Granulator will make their debut at the ACHEMA trade fair, in Frankfurt in June.

    Tim Remmert, Managing Director Sales, says the ACHEMA appearance will also mark a further evolution in L.B. Bohle’s overall design ethos.

    “Not only the design of the machines is becoming more modern, but also the trade show appearance. We have completely redesigned our booth – in addition to the machines and technology, we want to achieve a higher quality of stay. Warmer colors and wood elements, as well as a large lounge area, will help achieve this,” Mr. Remmert explains.

    He also reflects on fundamental shifts in the events landscape with declining numbers of trade visitors from Asia, South and North America attending the leading trade fairs in Germany, but the seniority of visitors increasing.

    “Regional trade shows and conferences are also gaining in importance,” adds Mr. Remmert.

    Further growth goals

    L.B. Bohle has set ambitious growth targets for the next few years that will involve increasing production capacity.

    “We still want to increase production in our four plants,” says Lorenz Bohle, who also sees stepping up its global commitment as a key measure.

    As Bohle’s global machine fleet grows, so does the demand for international after-sales and global customer service, delivered via the Global Service Division.

    “Despite the dynamic development since 2021, we still see enormous potential for this additional business area,” Lorenz Bohle added.

    About L.B. Bohle

    Founded in 1981, L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH (L.B. Bohle) has established a worldwide reputation as a producer and supplier of advanced systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing, based on a track record of technological innovation and continuous improvement.

    Based at Ennigerloh in Northwest Germany, L.B. Bohle operates worldwide, offering advanced solutions for every aspect of oral solid dose (OSD) and nutraceutical tablet production, including weighing & dosing, grinding & sieving, blending, tablet coating, sorting, handling systems, cleaning and containment, process monitoring and continuous manufacturing.

    The company’s guiding vision is one of technological innovation in the production of pharmaceutical solids. This supports a core mission to deliver maximum product efficiency increases for its customers, through continuous development and product innovations that not only increase quality and efficiency, but also strengthen competitive edge and sustainability.

    To these ends, L.B. Bohle offers both complete production lines and solutions for individual production steps, focusing on rapid development and production of sophisticated, pragmatic, and customized applications.

    The company operates development and manufacturing facilities at its home base at Ennigerloh and at Sassenberg, both in North Rhine-Westphalia. Additionally, it has sales and service subsidiaries in the USA (Warminster, PA) in India (headquarter in Ahmedabad and Innovation Center in Hyderabad), and in Switzerland (Reiden). It is also represented by more than 40 qualified sales partners worldwide, having become a globally recognized brand.

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    L.B. Bohle extends new designs as orders pipeline strengthens

    L.B. Bohle Chairman Lorenz Bohle (center) with Executive Directors Tim Remmert (left) and Thorsten Wesselmann.

    L.B. Bohle extends new designs as orders pipeline strengthens

    BRC 100 dry granulator (left) and QbCon® 1 were among L.B. Bohle New Design machines to gain German Design Awards for 2024.

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