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    DrM, Dr. Mueller AG

    DrM, Dr. Mueller AG is an industrial technology manufacturer and supplier that specializes in filtration and mixing technologies for Pharma and Biotech applications.

    Its innovative filtration solutions deliver higher quality and efficiency across a very wide range of Pharma and Biotech applications, including  API Manufacture, Albumin Production, Antibiotics, Blood Plasma Fractionation, HEK293 Cell Harvesting, Homeopathic Medicine, Insulin, Vaccines and Other Injectables, Mammalian Cell Harvesting (CHO), Microbial Cell Harvesting (E. Coli), Trypsinization, Vitamins and X-Ray Contrast Agents.

    Vision & Mission

    DrM has remained true to the original vision established more than 40 years ago in pioneering genuinely innovative filtration and other Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology process solutions.

    The company’s core mission is the design, development, manufacturing and service support of a range of filtration and mixing solutions to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and Biotech material processing companies, among other industries.

    Products & Services

    The DrM Solutions portfolio encompasses four main product groups:

    • Single-use Solutions: FUNDALOOP® Single-use Candle Filter, STERIBAC® Hygienized Filter, FUNDAMIX® SU Single-use Oscillating Mixer and Single-use Pinch Valve.
    • Candle Filters: FUNDABAC® Candle Filter, CONTIBAC® Continuous Thickener, CONTIBAC® RX High-flow Thickener and FUNDASHIELD Contained Filter.
    • Oscillating Technologies: FUNDAMIX® Oscillating Mixer and FUNDAMIX® Amplitude Monitor.
    • Services: DrM customer support includes Lab and Pilot Scale Units, Spare Parts, and Technical Consulting.

    Company History and Structure

    DrM was founded in Männedorf, Switzerland, in 1982 by Dr. Hans Müller, who had invented and patented a revolutionary new type of filtration system, which would be marketed as FUNDABAC® and CONTIBAC® solutions, mainly to the chemical industry. Dr. Müller passed away in 1984, just two years into the life of his young company but bequeathed a legacy of some 400 process and product inventions, some particularly applicable to the fast-growing biotech processing industry.

    DrM’s first significant entry into the life sciences industries was in 1986 with the introduction of the Heel Volume Filtration Process providing the solution for processing individual product batches in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. A further significant milestone came in 1997 with the launch of STERIBAC®, an ultra-hygienic execution of FUNDABAC® principle that matched needs in GMP manufacturing for Biotech and Pharma markets.

    The company progressively pursued geographic expansion with opening of subsidiaries in USA (2001), Poland (2005), China (2005), India (2011) and Malaysia (2015).

    Technological development has continued with the introduction of FUNDALOOP®, FUNDAMIX® SU and Single-use Pinch Valve solutions.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    All DrM operations and facilities, including subsidiaries, are ISO 9001:2015 certified for the following capacities:

    Switzerland: DrM, Dr. Mueller AG is certified for the development, manufacturing, lease, sales and service of specialty filtration and mixing systems.

    China: DrM Shanghai Co., Ltd is certified for design, manufacture and sales of filters.

    India: DrM Filter Technology Pvt. Ltd. is certified for design, development, manufacturing and supply of specialty filtration systems as well as sales and supply of mixing systems.

    Poland: DRM Polska Sp. z o.o. is certified for execution of industrial installations and pressure vessels.

    DrM, Dr. Mueller AG is also EN ISO 3834-3 certified for standard quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials.

    DrM, Dr. Mueller AG

    Contact Information
    Address: Alte Landstrasse 415, 8708 Maennedorf, Switzerland
    Telephone No: +41 44 921 2121
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Web Address:

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