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    Biosynth Bringing End-to-End Offers to TIDES USA

    April 25th 2024

    Staad, Switzerland: – Peptide, Nucleotide and organic fine biochemical specialist manufacturer and developer Biosynth AG will be prominent presence as associate sponsor, exhibitor, and scientific contributor at the prestigious TIDES USA conference, this time in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Biosynth is continuing a longstanding association – with the USA TIDES event, which forms of the pharma industry’s largest and most renowned meetings dedicated to accelerating peptide and oligomer-based therapeutics to market, focusing on strategies for expediting R&D and improving CMC efficiency.

    Extensive range

    The Biosynth stand at Booth 719 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston will provide visitors with a dynamic guide across its huge catalog of chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech products, including therapeutic peptides and complex fine chemicals.

    Biosynth products and services supporting life science research and development include more than a million products in its research catalog and hundreds of complex manufacturing service projects. It has become a trusted supplier, manufacturer and partner for the pharmaceutical, life science, vaccine and diagnostic sectors, along with customers across food, agrochemistry and cosmetics. The group has facilities across three continents and a rapid global distribution network for chemicals produced from milligram to ton scale and peptides up to multikilogram scale, l to ISO 9001 or cGMP quality standards.

    End-to-end capabilities

    BIOSYNTYH will also contribute to the scientific agenda with two poster presentations from its Peptides Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Peter Timmermann.

    His presentation  ‘Peptide Lead Optimization Using Microarray Screening Technology’ will identify innovative methods for diagnosing mAb-Therapy for MS2, a novel case therapy for HIV/AIDS2, a bicyclic Peptide to anti-CCR7 mAb4 and an inhibitor of Urokinase-Type PA (UK18)5.

    The Biosynth presence in Boston will also include its US-based Head of Business Development for small molecule CDMO activities, Dr. Stefan Soderman, and Colorado-based Business Development Manager Mary Engels.

    Dr. Soderman commented: “TIDES USA is a must attend event for any serious player in the small molecule ‘tides arena. We aim to use our presence here to show that with our unrivalled research product portfolio and end-to-end manufacturing services, we are science led and customer focused to solve problems and deliver key reagents at scale and quality, with expertise and capabilities that encompass complex chemicals, peptides and key biologics – all available from one trusted partner.”

    About Biosynth

    Biosynth is a supplier of critical raw materials, and services for diagnostics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals with global research, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. Supplying the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors; where Chemistry meets Biology, Products meet Services and Innovation meets Quality, Biosynth is at the Edge of Innovation.

    With an unrivaled research product portfolio of over a million products and end-to-end manufacturing services, Biosynth’s expertise and capability spans Complex Chemicals, Peptides, and Key Biologics, all from one trusted partner.  Headquartered in Staad, Switzerland, Biosynth is owned amongst others by KKR, Ampersand Capital Partners, and management.

    Find out more about Biosynth at

    About TIDES USA 2024

    The TIDES USA Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics conference is billed as the pharma industry’s largest event focused on accelerating peptide-based therapeutics to market, featuring leading strategies for expediting R&D and improving CMC efficiency.

    This annual conference’s scientific agenda includes more than 150 speakers, including the industry’s leading scientists, presenting latest science and industry updates across the entire spectrum from discovery, preclinical, clinical development through CMC, Manufacturing and commercialization of therapeutics and vaccines for oligos, peptides, mRNA and genome editing products.

    TIDES USA 2024 is a four-day event, opening May 14 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, , with a parallel digital platform.

    The 2024 conference will feature parallel discussion tracks covering six scientific themes including Oligonucleotide Preclinical and Clinical Discovery, Peptide CMC, Peptide Discovery, mRNA Therapeutics, and Drug Delivery Innovations.

    The event is organized by Informa Connect, with further information at:


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    Biosynth Bringing End-to-End Offers  to TIDES USA
    Biosynth Bringing End-to-End Offers  to TIDES USA

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