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    KORSCH AG is a family-owned specialist equipment manufacturer that has evolved over the course of more than a century to become one of the world’s most respected names in tablet compression technology.

    This focus and resulting experience base is the foundation for the tablet compression technology. KORSCH now offers a broad ranging portfolio of highly innovative products that cover almost every conceivable tablet manufacturing application, including initial feasibility and formulation research, scale-up, clinical production, and full scale 24/7 production.

    KORSCH presses are used worldwide, supported by a global network of sales and technical service specialists and innovation centers.

    Vision & Mission

    KORSCH defines its mission as to shape the future of tableting as a leading-edge and highly innovative supplier of state-of-the-art products.

    The company’s ethos is highly customer-focused and open-minded, to allow it to keep reshaping its processes to a constantly evolving environment as a genuinely learning organisation.

    KORSCH also positions itself as a long-term partner and expert consultant to enable its customers to remain one step ahead of the competition via sophisticated system solutions and services that encompass the entire production process.

    The company also fulfils its social responsibilities by embracing far-reaching ecological and socio-economic values in its operations.

    Products & Services

    KORSCH’s core business is in the design and production of tablet presses for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications, with a current range of more than 12 platforms, ranging from the XP-1 Single Punch Press for R&D use to the TRP 900  Five-Layer Rotary Press built for continuous 24/7 operation.

    Since 2022, the KORSCH range has been enhanced by the addition of sophisticated STYL’One research compaction simulators from French-based MEDELPHARM.

    The KORSCH tablet compression portfolio also includes:

    • XP 1 R&D Single Punch Press: A robust single-punch tablet press with small batch capabilities.
    • STYL’One Nano Benchtop Compaction Simulator: A compaction simulator with integrated analytical software, for single layer formulation development.
    • STYL’One Evo Versatile Compaction simulator: An advanced compaction simulator with integrated analytical software and multi-layer capability, allowing R&D at production speed.
    • XL 100 Small R&D Rotary Tablet Press: A very simple and robust mechanical design featuring integrated electrical cabinet for a highly self-contained and portable machine that is ideal for product development and clinical batch production.
    • X 3 Mid-Range 1/2 Layer Tablet Press: A mid-range single-sided rotary tablet press that revolutionises mid-range production with Pharma 4.0 architecture and ergonomic design elements, previously restricted to larger machines.
    • XL 4004 SFP Single-Sided High-Speed Rotary Tablet Press: A single-sided high-speed rotary tablet press dedicated to single-layer tablet production, featuring streamlined product changeovers, unique accessibility to the compression zone and extremely quiet operation.
    • XL 4004 MFP Multilayer High Speed Rotary Tablet Press: Billed as the most fexible tablet press in the world, the XL 4004 MFP offers an innovative and flexible design platform that permits the production of all tablet formats on a single tablet press, including single-layer, bi-layer, tri-layer, and tablet-in-tablet products.
    • X 5 Single-Sided Tablet Press: A recent introduction to the KORSCH range, the X 5 dramatically increases single-sided tablet output while maintaining the company’s hallmark flexibility and fast change design. It features enhanced accessibility, ergonomics, and a compact design with integrated control cabinet, along with an advanced control environment and operating system that makes it Pharma 4.0 ready.
    • XT 600 High Speed Double Rotary Press: A robust and elegant tablet press featuring a simplified and streamlined platform for both semi-attended and fully automated production, with a new control system interface that combines intuitive HMI interface with an unprecedented level of on-board help and operator assistance in every aspect of the machine operation.
    • XT 600 HD Heavy Duty Double Sided Rotary Press: This double rotary press permits the production of single-layer or bi-layer tablets at up to 120 kN main compression capability. This tablet press features a minimum of components in the compression zone combined with a newly developed industrial turret design to ensure long production runs.
    • XL 800 Double-Sided Tablet Press: A sturdy workhorse designed for high speed (up to 90 RPM), high volume, fully automated 24/7 operation. The machine offers an innovative bi-layer conversion kit which permits it to run both single-layer and bi-layer formats, along with an exchangeable turret design that allows production of tablets of any size.
    • TRP 700 Double-Sided Technical Rotary Press: Offering press force up to 120 kN, the TRP 700 is a rugged, flexible, and advanced design that supports single-layer, multi-layer, and ringed formats. The tool holders with double guide rollers, ensures smooth punch travel and no wear on the punch heads or cams for continuous 24/7 operation across a wide range of formats and applications.

    The product equipment line is backed by a range of KORSCH services and solutions such as dedicated teams for process, engineering, and software support and the KORSCH INNOVATION CENTER that specializes in equipment trials, formulation optimization projects and other leading edge applications.

    Company History and Structure

    Founded in 1919, KORSCH AG remains headquartered in Berlin.

    Some highlights have included the founding of a Boston-based US subsidiary in 1994, the move into high containment solutions in 1999 and the extension of the Berlin KORSCH Campus in 2020. In December 2022, KORSCH acquired Lyon-based MEDELPHARM to further strengthen the common R&D product line. MEDELPHARM’s Innovative compaction simulator technology adds early-stage material characterization and scale-up capability to the KORSCH R&D product portfolio.

    KORSCH has added three further overseas subsidiaries, in Singapore, and two in India at Mumbai and Hyderabad, The latter includes an Innovation Centre to accompany those in Berlin, Boston and Lyon (MEDELPHARM Science Lab).

    With the introduction of the highly innovative X 5 maximum output single-sided tablet press with an advanced control system interface in 2023, KORSCH has taken a further step towards the Pharma 4.0 vision of fully digitally integrated development and manufacturing.

    KORSCH’s international sales efforts are led by Jochen Sommer, Global Sales Director.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    KORSCH operates to rigorous technical and quality standards that make its products fully compliant with current regulations, such as GMP, GAMP 5, and 21 CFR Part 11 for data integrity.

    Its quality management certifications include ISO 9001-14001.

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