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    CRYOPDP is an innovative leader in the fields of temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain solutions, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of the life sciences industries.

    Focused on the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries, CRYOPDP provides customised and tailor-made turnkey global transport solutions for high-value, time-critical and temperature-sensitive shipments, covering the entire healthcare temperature-controlled supply chain including packaging, added-value solutions and specialist couriers.

    CRYOPDP has become a first-choice courier for pharma and biopharma companies, Clinical Research Organizations, clinical trials promoters, laboratories, manufacturers and drug developers, as well as a key reference partner for customised, flexible and reliable logistic solutions.

    Vision & Mission

    The CRYOPDP mission is to improve the health of people around the world by providing global innovative temperature-controlled logistics solutions to the Clinical Research and Cell & Gene Therapy communities.

    This is in line with a vision of adding value to temperature-controlled supply chain and logistics solutions by ensuring seamless collaboration among stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, research labs, and CROs to enable the delivery of innovative, patient-centric drug therapies.

    Products & Services

    CRYOPDP offers products and services under the main headings of Temperature-Controlled Logistics and Added Value Solutions.

    Temperature-Controlled Logistics

    This service stream focuses on delivering precision, safety and monitoring to respect all key distribution processes and standards and maintaining the integrity of valuable and sensitive life sciences consignments.

    This is supported by an international global network with robust and flexible IT systems to provide reliable solutions that aim to be best in class and provide customers peace of mind.

    Key service offerings include:

    • Temperature-controlled logistics: a range of logistics and cooling source packages covering the whole temperature spectrum (25º to -196) from ambient to cryogenic temperature.
    • Temperature Controlled Packaging (TCP): a full range of high-standard, qualified, single-use or reusable temperature-controlled packaging (TCP), including active and passive solutions, dry shippers, and data logger temperature monitors.
    • Transport Solutions: A Global transportation network featuring three service levels, including Exclusivity, a dedicated and tailor-made premium transport service.

    Together, these services answer industry needs for door-to-door distribution, a time sensitive 24/7 service, standards-compliant product classification, qualified and validated packaging and Track & Trace real-time monitoring.

    Added Value Services

    CRYOPDP Added-Value Services supports complex shipment needs through its extensive global network of strategic partner associates, whose skills and experience include expertise in quality, cold chain and regulatory compliance, real-time tracking, dedicated account management and bespoke KPI reporting.

    These services include:

    • Pick Pack: end-to-end preparation, handling and management of all temperature controlled packaging at client or CRYOPDP facilities with same-day shipping services, storage, picking and packing with the most appropriate cold source solution, labeling and Control Tower monitoring.
    • Onboard Courier: bespoke transport solutions to expedite delivery worldwide, including hand carry/onboard couriers and air cargo concierge services.
    • White Glove: A dedicated service provided by a specialist team for products that must be delivered or collected precisely with direct supervision.
    • Dangerous Goods Management: Preparing infectious, toxic, or radioactive substances, biological and clinical waste, and corrosive and flammable/explosive materials with appropriate documentation, packaging, labelling and shipping in compliance with the relevant IATA, ADR and other regulations.
    • Direct To Patient: Specialised teams to construct Direct-to-Patient (DtP) tailor-made projects encompassing delivery to pick-up, clinical trials to commercial, temperature controlled drugs to specimens, and domestic to multi-country distribution.
    • Lab Move: Turnkey lab relocation solutions and high-volume samples are transported through a reliable cold chain global support network to ensure the integrity of critical samples during shipment.
    • Investigator Site Study Support (ISSS): A clinical trial quality control service to ensure investigators have access to all relevant consignment data including study logistics data, Investigator Manual information and instructions, and provision of appropriate packaging.
    • Control Tower: Global management and organisation of transport and logistics requirements for multinational customers, including key study KPI reporting, monitoring, coordination, invoicing, contingency planning and regulatory compliance.

    Company History and Structure

    Since 2020, CRYOPDP has been part of Cryoport Inc., a global provider of innovative products and services to the fast-growing Cell and Gene Therapy industry.

    CRYOPDP operates from 37 company-owned offices worldwide, covering more than 135 countries with dedicated networks. It has more than 150 agents worldwide and has worked with some 3,500 companies across life sciences, serving an estimated total of at least three million end-users annually.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    CRYOPDP has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 2015. Additionally, it operates in compliance with EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) ensuring product integrity and focus on every shipment.

    Its high standards and quality processes enable CRYOPDP to exceed the expectations of its customers and achieve an exemplary delivery success rate, and close to 99,97% quality score.

    Its various certifications cover a multiplicity of different markets, sectors and geographical regions. These include business licences, industry-specific certifications, environmental permits, data privacy and security certifications, occupational licences, and permits covering food and biological handling, building and construction, financial services, and transportation.

    Its continuous measures to ensure quality cover data security and integrity, temperature control, turnaround criteria, regulatory compliance, disaster recovery planning, and sustainability measures.


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    Contact Information
    Address: Rua Dr. António Loureiro Borges, 4, 1º Andar, Algés, 1495-131 Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    Email Address: [email protected]

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