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    Evercyte teams with Phoenestra and TAmiRNA to offer EVs at scale

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    April 23rd 2024

    Vienna, Austria: – Innovative biotech manufacturer Evercyte GmbH has joined two fellow Austrian-based companies to develop an innovative one-stop-shop platform for scalable and efficient manufacturing of extracellular vesicles from MSCs.

    The EVscale™ platform jointly developed by Evercyte, Phoenestra, and TAmiRNA, will provide an end-to-end solution for pharma and biotech manufacturers who need to source exosomes and EVs at commercial scale. The platform will allow our partners to customize their projects, including highly specific cell sourcing, in depth EV characterization, highly efficient and scalable EV manufacturing, through to linking EV biological functions to RNA and protein EV components.

    Combined expertise

    EVscale™ will bring together the three partners’ particular areas of expertise, combining an EV production cell line drawing on Evercyte’s extensive portfolio of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) derived from different tissues (adipose tissue, bone-marrow, placenta, umbilical cord, dental pulp, etc.) that can then be tailored for scalable EV production, using Phoenestra’s proprietary fully controlled bioreactor.

    Enriched end products can then be fully characterized and tested using standardized in vitro bioassays developed by Evercyte, with extended characterization of RNA and protein content linked to biological functionalities performed using tools developed by TamiRNA with its expertise in extracellular microRNA.

    EVscale™ advantages

    The EVscale™ offer will possess a fundamental advantage over conventional sourcing of therapeutic exosomes from primary cells, with consequent donor-to-donor variability, which can compromise quality of cell products. The platform also overcomes other issues, such as scaling difficulties, variable process performance, inconsistent batch quality, and under-developed DSP downstream processing isolation and purification technologies.

    “EVs are complex entities and very heterogenous, making it difficult to determine the relationship between protein or RNA composition to their biological function,” commented Evercyte Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Regina Grillari.

    “What we can now offer is a platform that is highly adapted to the challenges of therapeutic EV production that allows customers to tailor end-product parameters based on their project’s specific needs. So far as we are aware, this is a unique one-stop shop offer, where the customer can find different products and services from immortalized cell sources, specify those for production at commercial scale, with basic or extended EV characterization as part of the package,” she added.

    All in the family

    Evercyte, Phoenestra, and TAmiRNA form a family of Austrian companies based in Vienna and Linz that share a common heritage.

    Many of the key people such as Evercyte CEO and co-founder Dr. Otto Kanzler, Dr. Regina Grillari and Dr. Johannes Grillari have active roles in all three companies.

    About Evercyte GmbH

    Evercyte is the leading provider of immortalized human primary-like cells (‘telomerized cells’) as well as novel cell lines for production of extracellular vesicles and is the partner of choice for innovative cell-based assays in the field of pharma, biotech, or cosmetic industries.

    The core technology used for the establishment of these highly relevant human cell lines relies on the reactivation of the human telomerase enzyme. Besides customer-tailored cell line development as a one-stop shop, Evercyte is steadily expanding its catalogue of readily available cell lines for the production of extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stromal cells using different tissues including adipose tissue, bone marrow, placenta, amnion or dental pulp.

    By providing native extracellular vesicles from mesenchymal stromal cells Evercyte will make a significant contribution to the development of new therapeutic approaches. Additionally, Evercyte will promote its platform technology for the generation of recombinant EVs e.g. tissue targeting and targeted drug delivery.

    Founded in 2011, the Vienna-based company successfully pioneered the development of tools and know-how necessary for the establishment of standardized high-throughput in vitro bioassays as well as relevant cell models and cell factories.

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    Evercyte teams with Phoenestra and TAmiRNA to offer EVs at scale

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