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    O.ZA.F. s.r.l.

    O.ZA.F. Orienting and Assembly Solutions provides advanced technologies and automation solutions that can be incorporated into high performance assembly, filling, labelling and packaging lines for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries.

    O.ZA.F.’s strengths are based on technical, commercial consulting services and manufacturing of special devices and orienting systems to support the customer in creating tailored production lines.

    Its services include initial mechanical and electronic design, assembly and testing, and regulatory documentation and product validation, all combined with fast after-sales service able to respond to any request.

    Products & Services

    O.ZA.F. specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of customized automated systems that can be integrated by manufacturers and end-users into filling, capping, labelling and packaging lines.

    Its core expertise is in the production of machines for reordering bulk parts and for the assembling components for industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals (in various ISO-classified environments), cosmetics, food & beverages, chemicals and mechanical industries.

    Specific O.ZA.F. Product Areas include:

    • Vibration systems: These devices allow creation of pre-load and orientation systems (circular and linear vibrators and vibrating hoppers) for different kind of components such as pharmaceutical vial & lyo stoppers, syringe plungers, caps or droppers, etc., or other kind of components belonging to other industrial sectors (dispensers, pumps, eye & nail-brushes, etc.), as well as mechanical components.
    • Centrifugal sorters & Unscramblers: The range of O.ZA.F. machines includes unscramblers, centrifugal/mechanical feeders and special automated systems, allows sorting and orientation of parts of different shapes or sizes. These systems are designed to feed even unstable objects, using pucks to ensure stability. O.ZA.F. sorting and unscrambling applications are suitable for all kind of environments. In particular O.ZA.F. is able to provide specific systems to be installed in ISO classified areas with special attention to different kind of sterilization process (autoclaving, VHP, etc.). Machine range includes accessories like air rinsing and orienting devices to deal with asymmetrical parts. O.ZA.F. has developed a proprietary system to handle unscrambling of bottles.
    • In-Line Roller Feeding: O.ZA.F. offers orientation systems for parts with flanges (syringes, dropper, compressed tubes, etc.) that allow format change system without use of tools through automatic or manual adjustment of the in-line rollers. The supply can be completed by additional devices such as: air rinser systems, devices for direct or indirect insertion through external devices combined inside pucks/godets in case of unstable objects and other systems on specific request of the customer. In combination with the cartoning machines, they can be equipped with conical or cylindrical wheels for direct unloading of correctly oriented parts directly into the catenary boxes.
    • Robotic Solutions: O.ZA.F. is able to implement robots in orientation and assembling technology to allow the creation of very flexible solutions, especially in the presence of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This flexibility can translate in energy and space saving, and format changes advantages such as reduction or elimination of these parts. Moreover, the range of robots used can be certified to be installed with open or closed Restrictive Access Barriers (O-RABS or C-RABS) or with use of Isolators for use in classified environments with varying containment levels.
    • Assembly Machines: O.ZA.F. is able to supply automatic machines, with alternate or continuous movement, linear or rotary, for the orientation and assembling of components. Being the orienting technology the company core business O.ZA.F. is able to provide the complete assembling system without the adding of third parties orienting solutions. Third party devices can be naturally implemented such as ultrasonic welding device etc.

    Company History and Structure

    O.ZA.F was founded in 1950 by Rolando Zagli in central Florence as an artisan company specialized in manufacturing special machines to customer specification. After the disastrous River Arno floods of 1966, O.ZA.F. moved to a new 500m2 factory some 10km outside the city. From these new larger premises, O.ZA.F. began to focus its attention on vibrating and mechanical orientation systems that soon became its core business, along with special assembly machines.

    Into the 1970s, O.ZA.F. grew rapidly as a supplier of choice for Italian manufacturers requiring filling, labelling and cartoning lines expanding its products to all industrial sectors.

    In 1974, O.ZA.F. developed revolutionary unscrambling technology, giving the company international visibility, especially in pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

    In 2008, to meet growing demand for higher speed and more complex machines, O.ZA.F. moved to its current 4,200m2 facility at Scarperia, 30km from Florence and in 2012 introduced its first robotic solution, combined with orienting device technology.

    The company is currently led by CEO, Sandro Pavolini, grandson of its founder.

    Quality, Regulatory and Standards

    O.ZA.F. follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines in its processes and products. Its devices are CE-marked as meeting all European Annex 1 product standards.

    All processes follow O.ZA.F.’s rigorous internal quality procedures.

    O.ZA.F. is able to provide different kinds of documentation and certification such as:

    • IQ/OQ/PQ Validation for pharmaceutical lines
    • Material traceability matrix for material in contact with the product (Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage)
    • UL certifications: produced by external consultant for the electrical cabinet and components
    • ATEX certification produced by external supervisory bodies

    O.ZA.F. s.r.l.

    Contact Information
    Address: Via La Torre 14/H, Loc. La Torre 50038, Scarperia E, San Piero, Firenze, Italy
    Telephone No: +39 055 84918
    Email Address:
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