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Mic-Mac brings news of Jet-milling breakthrough to DCAT Week

news-releasesMicro-Macinazione S.A.
March 12th 2015

Molinazzo di Monteggio: – Leading European micronization expert, Micro-Macinazione, will be discussing significant advances in particle engineering when it takes part in the prestigious DCAT networking week in New York City.

This will be the first appearance at DCAT of the Swiss-based particle size expert since it announced a significant new investment in research into new technology. Even more recently, senior Micro-Macinazione scientists and engineers detailed how innovative application of jet-milling technology could enable enhanced dissolution and chemical activation of active ingredients.

Micro-Macinazione team, led byits Head of Business Development, Giovanna Libralon and Sales Manager, Alan Beggs, will be based at Suite 1404 at the San Carlos Hotel, close to the Waldorf Astoria that forms the hub for most DCAT Week events.

Jet milling innovation

Micro-Macinazione R&D team (Senior Scientist – Dr. Salvatore Mercuri and R&D Director – Dr. Piero Iamartino) recently wrote an academic article that describes how modifications to a jet mill device allowed to carry out a mechano-chemical activation (MCA) process without the use of any grinding media.

This was achieved by applying a recirculation system to increase the residence time of the powder mixture in the milling chamber.

“We are keen to talk about this new use of jet-milling during DCAT Week,” said Dr. Salvatore Mercuri.

“We believe this discovery has major implications for the use of drug substances have hitherto proven poorly soluble in water,” he commented.

Enhanced dissolution

“It now appears that we have found a way to process these substances more quickly and safely without needing to use high energy consumption mechanical mills and grinding media that can introduce problems of contamination of the powder mixture,” said Dr. Salvatore Mercuri.

His research team also identified other potential advantages of the jet mill-based process, including decreased drug crystallinity and increased dissolution rate of the activated composites, confirmed by in-vitro studies.

The advances are detailed in an academic article, ‘Enhancing Dissolution of Poorly Soluble Drugs through Jet-Milling’, which appears in the latest issue of Pharmaceutical Technology.

New R&D investment

Micro-Macinazione team will also be able to discuss implication of the recently announced new CHF 1 million ($1.09m) R&D centre, tasked with developing new and more flexible techniques for micronizing particles.

The Ticino-based company is seeking to strengthen its position as a client-focused provider of particle analysis solutions in the international arena.

The new R&D laboratory, which came on stream in January, will allow Micro-Macinazione to construct new end-to-end services that extend from original micronization all the way through to final analysis services.

“Pharmaceutical development is increasingly demanding the use of tailored micronization, featuring compounds with ultra-small particle sizes of just 1–10 μm,” said Piero Iamartino.

“During DCAT Week, we will be able to show how this new facility will enable us to provide greater flexibility and more tailored solutions in development, production and analysis,” he added.

About Micro-Macinazione

Micro-Macinazione is a premier provider of micronization and comminution solutions in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. The company is Europe’s leading provider of micronization services and also markets world-class machinery, based on four decades experience. Micro-Macinazione works with more than 150 customers worldwide, including most of the largest pharma multinationals.

Micro-Macinazione was founded in 1970, manufacturing its patented Chispro fluid energy spiral jet mills, which are still mainstays of its product rage today. The Monteggio headquarters, in Lugano canton, also houses Micro-Macinazione’s engineering and process consultancy services.

The company’s manufacturing sites are fully cGMP compliant and process APIs to customer requirements from milligram batches to multi-tonne production consignments. Micro-Macinazione has a total annual production capacity that exceeds 1,000 tonnes.

About DCAT Week

The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT) was founded in 1890 and has become North America’s premier business development association for companies that manufacture, distribute or provide services to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

DCAT represents the entire spectrum of the pharmaceutical industry—from pharmaceutical, API, and excipient sales and manufacturing to distribution, support technologies and packaging products and services.

Attended by thousands of industry professionals, DCAT Week® and the DCAT Annual Dinner, held each March in New York City, are considered one of the pharma industry’s premier events.

DCAT Week 2015 will celebrate the organizations 125th anniversary and will take place from March 16 to March 19 and, as usual, will be headquartered at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Unlike most industry exhibitions, DCAT Week is not a trade show with stands or booths. Instead, DCAT members hold high-level strategic meetings with customers and suppliers in a block of business meeting suites across a range of prestige NYC hotels, including the New York Palace, Lexington and Hyatt 48 Lex.

DCAT members make their own appointments, some scheduling upwards of 100 meetings during the week.

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