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    CBDepot s.r.o.

    For close to a decade, CBDepot has been a pioneering producer and B2B supplier of upmarket cannabinoid solutions.

    With its sister company, CB21 Pharma, this Czech group of innovative companies serves fast-growing markets in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and health products sectors with high-quality natural and synthesized cannabinoids and cannabis-derived ingredients.

    CBDepot has become a recognized band Europe-wide for the supply of food-grade cannabinoid-based products. At the same time, CB21 Pharma is now a fully certified pharmaceutical company that manufactures cannabis-derived isolates and extracts to EU GMP standards.


    CBDepot specializes in the bulk supply of natural and synthetic cannabinoids and cannabis-derived extracts, particularly for use as food and cosmetics ingredients. Its products ensure that the content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main intoxicating element of cannabis, is below detectable levels.

    CBDepot was the first company to introduce EU GMP CBD to the market in 2017, but effective from 2023 has specialised in food-grade cannabinoid products, including CBD powders and oils. These CBDepot manufactured products have been validated as novel food ingredients by UK FSA and appear on the validated products list since April 2021, tested by independent standards and inspection agency LGC and marketed by UK-based medical and food cannabinoid specialist 4MP Technologies.

    Meanwhile, starting in 2023, the entire EU GMP pharma product portfolio is assumed by CB21 Pharma. The two companies share a common heritage and wide overlaps in key personnel, including Marketing Director Michal Tőzsér, CSO Boris Bañas, and Director of Production Dr. Jan Storch.


    CBDepot catalogued products include:

    • Isolated (-)-trans-Cannabidiol (CBD): Derived from Cannabis Sativa leaves and HACCP certified to purity of ≧98% and allergens-free as per (EU) 1169/2011. Used for cosmetics, e-liquids and foods, with EU Cosmetics Ingredient Database claims as antioxidant, antiseborrhoeic, skin conditioner and skin protectant.
    • Synthesized (-)-trans-Cannabidiol: Similar applications to above but derived from chemical synthesis.
    • Isolated Cannabigerol: ≧93% purity and Kosher Parve certified
    • Broad Spectrum Distillate (THC – free) – CBD type
    • Broad Spectrum Distillate (THC-free) – CBG type
    • Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract – CBD type
    • Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract – CBG type
    • Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract in MCT oil – 10% CBD
    • Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract in MCT oil – 10% CBG
    • 10% CBD E-Liquid Concentrate: White label Propylene Glycol USP (90%) with Cannabidiol (10%) : transparent colorless hygroscopic viscous liquid for electronic cigarettes and cosmetics.
    • 10% CBG E-Liquid Concentrate: White label Propylene Glycol USP (90%) with Cannabigerol (10%) : transparent colorless hygroscopic viscous liquid for electronic cigarettes and cosmetics that emphasizes CBG content
    • cGMP (-)-trans-Cannabidiol (Cannabidiolum): Cannabis sativa L. derived active substance for pharmaceutical use, now supplied by CB21 Pharma
    • cGMP (-)-trans-Cannabidiol (API), now supplied by CB21 Pharma
    • c GMP Cannabis Extractum Raffinatum et Normatum (API), now supplied by CB21 Pharma

    Most of these products can be provided in bulk and white label forms.

    Company history and structure

    Established in 2015, CBDepot has become a leader in helping to establish legal and quality standards for cannabinoid ingredients and the formulation of cannabidiol derivatives. Since foundation it has operated under legal license granted by the government of the Czech Republic.

    The company’s initial mission was the supply of “Legal and Quality CBD” at a time when sourcing legally compliant and quality isolated CBD was a challenge. CBDepot’s scientific knowledge is based on close links with the Czech Academy of Sciences.

    In 2017, the company’s emphasis evolved to “Legal Natural Cannabinoids” because the legality of extraction of cannabis was still an issue . A short time previously, it had added CBG isolate and Cannabis Sativa leaf extracts and distillates for food and food supplement markets to its product portfolio.

    Recently, the company changes its strapline “Upmarket Cannabinoid Solutions”, reflecting its new ability to offer cannabinoid ingredients and substances to various markets such as: cosmetic, food, and food supplements, with Europe-wide recognition as a strong, ethical and transparent supplier of cannabinoids.

    The company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Boris Baňas, is an ex-board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), where he successfully campaigned for the establishment of new Europe-wide standards.


    Synthesized Pharma Grade (-)-trans-Cannabidiol with full information on HS Coding, IUPAC chemical definition, substance origin, along with quality criteria and test data


    CBDepot s.r.o.

    Contact Information
    Address: Masarykova trida 1595/54, 415 01 Teplice, Czech Republic
    Telephone No: +421 905 853 870
    Email Address: [email protected]

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