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    STYL’One Evo Tableting Instrument

    July 30th 2020


    Medelpharm’s STYL’One Evo tableting instrument provides an all-in-one solution: a multi-functional R&D press that can meet all needs from early API characterization and formulation to scale-up at production speeds.

    By combining high sensitivity with advanced operating controls and Analis software, STYL’One Evo can accurately map powder characterization and granule properties to ‘let the powder speak to you’.

    STYL’One Evo is backed with advanced laboratory expertise and consulting services to provide a full range of R&D, scale‑up and production support solutions.

    STYL’One Evo design and engineering

    From the outset, the STYL’One Evo was designed as a high-speed, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean R&D press with all parts easy to dismantle, cleanable in a dishwasher. Its fully mechanical concept brings the highest speed with reliability, precision and no pollution risks from hydraulic fluids.

    The STYL’One Evo also focuses on flexibility, with user friendly tool design allowing quick format changes, increasing the speed and efficiencies of set-up studies.

    The powerful Analis software is highly intuitive allowing working in displacement mode like any rotary press or working with given compression force targets to answer formulators’ needs.

    STYL’One Evo allows formulation scientists to create their own experiments, using saw tooth or square profile, or replicate rotary press or roll compactor behavior.

    As a small-scale production press, STYL’One Evo also meets FDA QA requirements for small production batches.

    STYL’One Evo features and options 

    The STYL’One Evo comes fully equipped to provide formulation laboratories with precise information on the powders under study.

    The Analis software allows them to set up for automatic production of tablets at given target force, and to quickly plot the pressure/tensile strength graphs needed for ideal formulation production.

    There are no limits to the avenues that can be explored with an intuitive software interface and hardware guidance that allow weight and tamping forces to be set up for even five layer tablets in a few minutes with no powder loss.

    STYL’One Evo also offers the following features:

    • Production press simulation for scale­up and troubleshooting: The paddle feed shoe and weight regulation systems help STYL’One Evo reproduce the high compression speed of large production rotary presses, allowing laboratories to produce small batches of fully tested production prototypes and solve potential production floor problems.
    • Roll compaction simulation: Additional accessories enable measurement of die-wall pressure, heat control, take-off, etc., while the unique hybrid modelling optional package provides invaluable data in roll compaction studies. By setting the target solid fraction of ribbon tablets (“ribblets”), formulators can validate their options in dry granulation, and predefine the setup parameters for roll compactor (gap, speed, compensation pressure).
    • Standard, multi-tips and oversized tooling: The STYL’One Evo can adapt to Euro/TSM B&D tooling, along with reinforced head D‑441 or very large tablets (e.g. dishwasher) formats with large filling or small multi tips.
    • Early research and development options: Users can instrument for die wall, adapt heat/cooling systems, use specific feed shoe, instrument take-off . The tab in tab feed shoe allows batch production of batches of similar core tablets to test impact on bioavailability.

    Scale­up and production support accessories

    Optional GMP software brings production quality to new levels with weight regulation and tablet rejection system. The micro dosing unit allows production using external lubrication. The link to multi check allows sampling with automatic input of data to reports.

    High containment

    The clean form factor of the STYL’One Evo lowers overall risk of exposure, as does the technical design that uses only limited amount of powder, with vacuum creating negative pressure in the compression zone.  Additional Enhanced Operator Safety allows negative pressure to be controlled and monitored or for the equipment to be flooded with nitrogen.

    The utmost level of containment can be extended to an eight-glove station built around the tableting instrument. Tablets can be produced and checked within the isolator while the tablet press in operation.

    STYL’One Evo Specifications

    Number of press stations  1
    Tool type B+D (EU/ TSM), oversized *, core rods *
    Die BBS, BB, B, D, oversized *
    Maximum tablet diameter (mm) 21 (B) – 25 (D) – 40 (oversized) *
    Maximum output (tablets/hour) 1,650
    Feed shoes (up to 3) * Hand feed, gravity, paddle force feeder, core feeding
    Maximum die filling (mm) 21 (B) – 23 (D) – 34 (oversized) *
    Compression mode Force or displacement driven
    Compression zone Adjustable 1 to 12 mm insertion depth.
    Pre-compression force 50 kN standard *
    Compression force 50 kN standard *
    Punch movement Selectable 1 punch only or upper and lower
    Dwell time  <2 ms extendable to >2 sec
    R&D accessories Instrumented die, heated die, enhanced operator safety, full containment, automated studies and more
    Production accessories GMP Package, weight regulation, multi-check connection, external lubrication and more
    Power 2 kW max during operation
    Standard Voltage 400/ 480 V (± 10%) – 50/60 Hz
    Weight 1,090 kg (2,403 lbs)

    *Customizable at customer request


    Particle Morphology Influence on Tablet Characteristics

    STYL’One Evo Tableting Instrument

    STYL’One Evo: A multifunction Swiss Army knife for formulation scientists

    STYL’One Evo Tableting Instrument
    STYL’One Evo Tableting Instrument

    STYL’One design facilitates easy tool changes, set up and cleaning

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