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    Headquartered near Lyon, MEDELPHARM is a high-precision engineering company manufacturing R&D tablet presses and providing innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation.

    Since 1985, MEDELPHARM have been specialists in ‘Made by people for people’ tableting instruments that work with high-speed and precision but at the same time are very easy-to-use.

    With its historical background in actual production, MEDELPHARM has a deep understanding of the R&D requirements that apply to tableting processes.

    For formulation scientists and pilot plant developers around the world looking for assistance in powder characterization, solid dosage formulation or production trouble shooting, MEDELPHARM can offer a comprehensive portfolio of multi-functional tableting Instruments, R&D presses and high-speed compaction simulators as well as process equipment and extensive Science lab services in tableting, early research API characterization all the way to product development.

    Products and Services

    MEDELPHARM focuses on continuous development of innovative research presses (hardware and software), simulation of industrial production cycles, powder characterization and formulation services, compression- and material science in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics market.

    It carries out its mission through the work of three mutually supporting business divisions:

    MEDELPHARM Instruments

    MEDELPHARM’s sophisticated tableting instruments not only support production at different scales but also research in characterization, raw materials and tablet formulations. These instruments mimic high-speed production presses to support QbD approaches for performing depth material characterization, robust formulation development and scale-up.

    The latest revolutionary Benchtop R&D tablet press, the STYL’One Nano is the latest example of MEDELPHARM’s expertise and creativity. Tableting research has never been so easy and so powerful, from pure API characterization to formulation assessment. Fully instrumented with standard B&D tooling, this tableting instrument is controlled by software in force or position mode. Pre- and main compression provides benefits found on small rotary presses while square and saw tooth profile allow you to further characterize your formula. Building your own API & excipient database is an easy task with Nano.

    The STYL’One Evolution tableting instrument, now in its fourth generation, is a high-speed all-in-one multilayer tool from early formulation to scale-up at production speed. The machine characterizes essential powder properties and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and tests their suitability by simulating industrial production cycles with only a few grams of powder needed. The STYL’One Evolution is designed for ease of use, compact footprint, and offers a clean and easy exchange of B, D (EU │TSM) oversized, core rods. Optional micro-dosing unit; tab-in-tab device and GMP module with weight regulation and force feeding as well as a heated die are just a few of the available accessories offered with production mind.

    MEDELPHARM STYLCAM and STYL’One units have been installed with multiple customers worldwide.

    MEDELPHARM Science Lab

    MEDELPHARM’s tableting and powder characterisation laboratory houses a team of research scientists and a range of sophisticated instrumentation dedicated to supporting clients with their product development needs. These include Material Characterization, Scale-up, Small batch production, Formulation, Troubleshooting and Tableting training courses.

    Since in-depth understanding of API and excipient properties is essential to design robust formulations and production processes, the MEDELPHARM science lab was created to generate data and interpret results from simple compatibility profiles to in-depth porosity, radial stress and elastic recovery analysis. The lab can guide partners through the full R&D and production process, even working from very small intended product samples.

    Along with STYL’One EVO and STYL’One Nano Benchtop Tableting Instruments, which can perform advanced software-supported testing, the laboratory houses a full range of leading-edge measuring equipment, including gas pycnometer for true density testing, laser particle sizing and morphology assessment, semi-automatic SOTAX SmartTest 50 for tablet property testing and data inputs, small volume Caleva mini coater and multi-head Quadro SLS for modelling milling and processing solutions that can be directly transferred from lab to the production-scale equipment.

    The lab environment is fully temperature and humidity controlled, supporting lowered hygrometry for specific needs like effervescent tablets.

    MEDELPHARM offers a range of targeted specialist training and onboarding services for commissioning and validation, application support, maintenance and calibration.

    MEDELPHARM Distribution

    MEDELPHARM’s distribution team mission is to support global and continuous transformation for clients in their powder processing applications, with a suite of solutions and equipment that best meet individual needs. The distribution unit also serves as a channel for passing on MEDELPHARM’s technological skills in powder compression, grinding and film coating to end users and to offer application laboratory support for product development and resolving production issues.

    MEDELPHARM distributes renowned and innovative technologies in powder processing from Lab scale to production, in association with partners worldwide, including:

    • LB Bohle:Leading supplier of special process machines for the pharmaceutical industry Manufacturer of equipment for weighing, granulation, sieving, blending and coating.
    • Caleva:Market leader in manufacturing and developing equipment for the production of pellets (beads or spheroids) by extrusion and spheronization™
    • Fitzpatrick:Leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical hammer mills
    • Korsch: Leading manufacturer of rotary presses
    • MG2: Acclaimed Capsule filling equipment specialist and packaging solution manufacturer.
    • Quadro:Renowned manufacturer inventor of conical mills for consistent size reduction and uniform tableting, with world-leading technologies for achieving uniform size reduction, sieving, de-agglomeration and dispersion.
    • ProCepT:Specialist in lab-scale R&D equipment, offering innovative solutions for drying, agglomeration, tablet coating and mixing applications. Focusing on small-scale equipment.

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