Ritter promises speedy replacement Ritips pro for Eppendorf

Ritter promises speedy replacement Ritips pro for Eppendorf

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JULY 04, 2015

Schwabmünchen, Germany: – Ritter Medical, the German-based manufacturer of sterile and technically advanced plastics for medical and research use, has written to all customers to promise speedy replacement for its Ritips pro® syringe tips for Eppendorf dispensers.

Ritter Medical was forced to withdraw 40011 Series Ritips pro tips from sale last month following an interim court injunction.

Customer promise

In his letter to customers, Ritter Medical Key Accounts Manager Andreas Rauch explained:

“We are embarrassed to be unable to offer, to produce or to deliver the Ritips pro (art. no. 40011-XXXX) with the automated tip recognition for Eppendorf dispensers. After expiration of the previous Eppendorf Patent No. EP 0657216 in October 2014, Eppendorf introduced a new patent no. EP 2474402 for improved tip recognition.”

The Hamburg court’s interim ruling is that the new elongated Ritips pro with automated tip recognition infringes the new Eppendorf patent.

“Unfortunately, we have to accept the interim ruling of the Hamburg court and therefore cannot deliver any Ritips pro with automated tip recognition for Eppendorf dispensers,” said Mr. Rauch.

Ritips® pro replacement

“We are striving to offer you an express substitute based on Ritips pro without tip recognition for Eppendorf dispensers. These syringes can be used together with a chart for the volume handling in the most common manual dispensers,” Mr Rauch told customers.

Replacement delivery of non-sterile syringes will begin later this month with sterilized syringes available from August 2015.

The new elongated Ritips® pro tips are ideal for use with long laboratory vessels and can handle viscous, infectious and volatile liquids with zero risk of contamination. The tips’ fine conical heads increase the precision, even at very low volumes in the nano litre range, eliminating need for additional pipette tips.

Ritips® pro fit all Ripette dispensers and are fully compatible with most common mechanical and electronic brands, including Biohit, Rainin and Brand. Customers using these dispensers are unaffected by the court ruling.

About Ritter Medical

Ritter, founded in Bavaria in 1965 is today acknowledged, as is a world-class manufacturer of high quality plastics and “made in Germany” sterile laboratory equipment and disposables.

Scientists and medical professionals in more than 40 countries rely on the company’s products. Ritter’s cartridge and medical products are particularly important in dialysis, dispensing and biotechnology applications. Many hospitals and laboratories also use Ritter disposables, dispensers and liquid handling systems.

In addition, the company’s comprehensive ranges of sterile assay and sample handling containers, robotic tips and other specialized equipment make the Ritter brand highly respected in research and biotech laboratories. 

The company now employs more than 300 people worldwide, including three European sales centers and in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.


Name: Melanie Wendel, Ritter GmbH
Tel: +49 8232 500347
Email: melanie.wendel@ritter-medical.de


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