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June 30th 2021

Automated processes in laboratories as well as the increasing individualization of automated production cycles have placed increased emphasis on robotic liquid handling and fluid automation systems that require precision disposables for optimal function. For high-throughput screening and clinical diagnostic applications, even tiny volumes need to be analyzed fast and efficiently.

Ritter Medical has applied its more than 50 years’ experience in making sterile bioclean plastics for medical use to a wide range of high precision robotic pipette tips and liquid handler tips.

The range of Ritter Medical liquid dispensing robotic tips includes blackKnights conductive tips and clearKnights transparent tips, while a wide range of Ritip consumable tips are offered for manual liquid handling dispensers, allowing full disposability and fluid containment for safe handling of infectious liquids or volatile liquids.

Ritips® dispenser tips

The Ritips® classic range of liquid handling dispenser tips are available in eight sizes to suit a very broad range of applications.  The range also includes interim sizes 0.05 ml, 1.25 ml and 12.5 ml. By using the direct displacement method, Ritips® are well suited to working with infectious liquids and volatile liquids, ensuring the fluid never comes into contact with the dispenser body to avoid any chance of cross-contamination.

For sensitive applications or analysis of body fluids, Ritips® are available also as a bioclean® grade (single sealed and sterilized). Automated individual tests of each single tip guarantee the tightness with water, which is documented in the lot-specific records.

Ritips® and Ritips® bioclean® are suitable for a wide range of popular dispensers, including Ripette®, Ripette® pro, Multipette® 4780, Handrop, Minilab 100, Minilab 101, Minilab 201, Distriman®, Repetman ®, StepMate, EasyStep, EasyStep electronic, RepeatOne®.

Ritips® evolution universal dispenser tips

Ritips® evolution dispensing tips are engineered to fit a wide variety of steppers and universal syringes, including the Ripette® pro, allowing users to create a unified dosing system that works reliably and precisely for all your applications.

The Ritips® evolution range consist of nine tip sizes to support the wide range of dispensing volumes from 1 μl to 50 ml. Every single tip is subject to automated, individual testing to ensure 100 % reliable and repeat- able results.

Ritips® evolution are available in standard quality in packs of 25 and 100 pieces, respectively, as well as in bioclean® quality: They come single-wrapped and with sterility confirmed independent laboratory testing that certifies the tips are free from endotoxins, ATP, RNase and DNA impurities. Certificates for each batch are available on request, with lot number recorded on each box for full traceability.

Ritips® evolution are suitable for Ritter Ripette®, Ripette® pro, Biohit eLine®-Dispenser, Brand HandyStep, HandyStep ® S and HandyStep electronic, EasyStep, Eppendorf Multipette® M4*, Multipette® stream, Multipette ® plus and Multipette® 4780, Gilson Repetman®, Minilab 100/101, STEPMATE Handrop. * without activated display

clearKnights® transparent robotic tips

Ritter Plastics’ unrivalled expertise in clinical grade plastics is expressed in Ritter Medical’s range of dispensing tips for automated liquid handling machines and sampling applications .

The Ritter Medical robotic tip ranges have been specifically developed for liquid automation systems, including transparent dispensing tips and conductive tips that enable safer and more streamlined liquid dispensing work processes in laboratories and clinics.

Ritter clearKnights transparent tips are produced under cleanroom conditions and tested from independent laboratories to be free of DNase, RNase, ATP and pyrogens to make them safe for handling sensitive and volatile liquids. Each batch is tested according to Ritter Medical’s rigorous quality management system by to assure reproducible results in all applications. The clearKnights range includes formats to support Dynex™ instruments in clinical diagnostic and drug discovery applications as well as automated sample handling by Tecan™ and a wide variety of similar workstations.

blackKnights® conductive tips

Ritter Medical’s blackKnights range of conductive robotic dispenser tips allow even small volumes to be dosed with high precision and without contamination. The conductivity enables the system to recognize the filling height and will guarantee a minimal immersion of the tip into the liquid, in order to assure safe pipetting and dispensing. blackKnights conductive pipette tips are available for Hamilton™, Olympus™, Tecan™, and Qiagen™ format workstations.

Across both ranges, robotic dispenser tips now include wide-bore 1000ml openings developed to support gentle robotic sampling of particularly viscous samples such as whole blood, plasma, cell cultures, macromolecules or oils.


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Liquid Handling - Ripette® pro, Ritips® evolution and more

Ritter Medical high precision consumable tips

The Ritips® classic range of liquid handling dispenser tips are available in eight sizes to suit a very broad range of applications and are engineered for direct displacement to eliminate possibilities of cross-contamination when handling infectious or volatile liquids.

Ritter Medical high precision consumable tips

Ritips® evolution dispensing tips are available in a wide range of formats and sizes to fit a wide variety of steppers, and support the full  range of dispensing volumes  from 1 μl to 50 ml.

Ritter Medical high precision consumable tips

Ritter blackKnights conductive robotics tips are available in a wide variety of formats to support Tecan, Hamilton, Qiagen, Olympus and other OEM workstations.

Ritter Medical high precision consumable tips

Ritter clearKnights robotic tips are precision manufactured to fit Dynex instruments and a wide variety of automated pipette workstations including Tecan, Qiagen/Corbett, Perkin Elmer (Packard) and Abbott Diagnostic.