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March 17th 2021

Automated processes in laboratories as well as the increasing individualization of automated production cycles have placed increased emphasis on robotic liquid handling and fluid automation systems that require precision disposables for optimal function.

These disposables include well plates, trays, racks, dispensing or sampling tips and covering films, whose forms and materials need to recognize absolute needs for ease in handling, sterility, compatibility with a wide range of systems and precision in analyzing even tiny volumes in high-throughput screening and clinical diagnostic applications.

Ritter Medical has applied its more than 50 years’ experience in making sterile plastics for medical use to a wide range of high precision robotic liquid handler  and dispensing equipment and consumables that have been specifically developed for liquid automation systems. These enable safer and more streamlined liquid dispensing work processes in laboratories and clinics, supporting better healthcare worldwide.

Riplate® microwell and deepwell plates

Riplate® microwell and deep well plates are available in a wide range of different formats and materials to suit the whole spectrum of automated analysis and liquid sampling applications. Most plates in the range feature alphanumeric coding, to support individual sample tracking and raised well rims to avoid cross-contamination and allow complete  closure of plates using adhesive films.

The Riplate® range includes:

  • Riplate® 96 plates: Ideal for ELISA applications, the Riplate 96-well (8×12) plate is manufactured from highly transparent polystyrene to provide an optimal surface for microscopic analysis, with standardized 128 x 85 mm dimensions compatible with most laboratory systems. These plates are offered in U-, V- and F-shape well bottom formats with bioclean® versions available to order.
  • Riplate® 384 plates: Optimized for smaller volumes, the Riplate® 384 format (16×24) is available in transparent polypropylene for storage, and clear, white, or black polystyrene for automated luminescence screening and microscopy applications. The 384 range features alphanumeric marking for sample identification and round cavities for reduced capillary forces, along with. The nine plates in the range include choices of flat well bottom for microscopic and optical applications or V-bottom for high sample recovery. The new Riplate® 384 SW offers more volume per well on a very limited space to achieve further laboratory efficiencies.
  • Riplate® medio: Designed for space-efficient storage, the Riplate® medio range features a 20.5mm high ‘nesting’ form to reduce overall stacking height by 50 per cent. New developed conical wells support superior bioturbation.
  • Riplate® RW: Developed as a multifunctional standard, the RW range of deepwell plates feature an optimized SBS standard footprint and U-shaped well bottoms to minimize ‘dead’ volume. The plates’ high chemical resistance makes them ideal for sensitive diagnostic applications.  The RW range includes a 2 ml plate that is the first to feature 96 continuous shared round wells, enabling mixing or separation of separate 1ml samples. Developed in line with Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS) guidelines, the Riplate® RW 2 ml is also suitable for heat-sealing as well as for sealing by adhesive films. The range also includes heat resistant Riplate® plus plates developed for extreme temperature thermocycling, freezing or microwave defrosting applications.

Robotic tips

Ritter Medical’s unrivalled expertise in clinical grade plastics is also expressed in its range of consumable tips for automated dispensing machines and sampling applications. The range of Ritter Medical liquid dispensing robotic tips includes blackKnights conductive tips and clearKnights transparent tips.

  • clearKnights® transparent tips : Ritter Medical clearKnights are produced under cleanroom conditions and tested from independent laboratories to be free of DNase, RNase, ATP and pyrogens. Each batch is tested according to Ritter Medical’s rigorous quality management system by to assure reproducible results in all applications. The clearKnights range includes formats to support Dynex™ instruments in clinical diagnostic and drug discovery applications as well as automated sample handling by Tecan™ and a wide variety of similar workstations.
  • blackKnights conductive tips: Ritter Medical’s blackKnights range of conductive robotic tips allow even small volumes to be dosed with high precision and without contamination. The conductivity enables the system to recognize the filling height and will guarantee a minimal immersion of the tip into the liquid, in order to assure safe pipetting and dispensing. blackKnights are available for Hamilton™, Olympus™, Tecan™, and Qiagen™ format workstations.

Across both ranges, tips now include wide-bore 1000ml openings developed to support gentle robotic sampling of particularly viscous samples such as whole blood, plasma, cell cultures, macromolecules or oils.

microTube racks

Ritter Medical microTube® racks, suitable for use with robotic systems and multichannel pipetters, offer safe sample storage with a variety of sealing options including film, plug strips and cap mats. These racks are also ideal for HTLV-111 testing, RIA and EIA and the transport of reagents or samples.

The alphanumeric marked racks are offered in a 96 tube (8 × 12) SBS footprint format and stackable lids and with 0,6 ml and 1.2 ml tube capacity compatible with most popular robotic systems as well as for individual sample storage. A special bottom plate allows easy handling of each sample, even in frozen conditions down to -85 °C. The tubes are available as individual tubes or strips of 8 tubes of 1.2 ml. V-bottom to reduce the dead volume.


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Ritter Medical robotic consumables

Riplate® well plates are available in a very wide range of 96 well and 384 well formats featuring a choice of well bottom shapes and materials

Ritter Medical robotic consumables

Ritter Medical blackKnights conductive robotics tips are available in a wide variety of formats to support Tecan, Hamilton, Qiagen, Olympus and other OEM workstations

Ritter Medical robotic consumables

Ritter Medical clearKnights robotic tips are precision manufactured to fit Dynex instruments and a wide variety of automated pipette workstations including Tecan, Qiagen/Corbett, Perkin Elmer (Packard) and Abbott Diagnostic

Ritter Medical robotic consumables

Ritter Medical microTube® racks feature a special bottom plate to hold tubes in place for safe storage and easy handling, as well as stackable alphanumeric coded lids