Ritter Medical publishes White Paper on sample preparation

white-paperRitter Medical GmbH
November 26th 2020

Ritter Medical, the German-based manufacturer of high quality robotic disposables, liquid dispensing and clinical solutions for life sciences, has authored a White Paper covering the various techniques of sample preparation.

The paper Desalting, Rebuffering, Renaturation –Dialysis for Optimized Sample Preparation is authored by Dr. Raffael Rubick and Dr. Stefan Kreusch, of lab sample preparation specialists scienova GmbH.

It recognizes that sample preparation of macromolecules is one of the most frequent tasks in the daily lab work, with desalting, rebuffering, renaturation, precipitation, or resolving of DNA, RNA, carbohydrates and proteins often necessary to purify and to characterize the molecules of interest into samples.

Matching method to application

The paper provides a practical guide to the best-established and most reliable methods  available, such as using liquified protein to remove salts following FLPC separation or how to purify DNA sequencing reactions where labelled dNTPs or primers have to be removed.

Other topics covered in the paper include Gel Filtration, Ultracentrifugation,  Dialysis, and a review of the most useful methods and materials, recognizing that the latter have to be tailored to  specific process.

The paper is intended to give the reader an informed overview about the advantages and disadvantages of common used methods based on size of molecules within the sample, with particular focus on sample preparation of proteins with new developed tools for the dialysis of variable sample numbers in microplate format.