Ritter Medical liquid handling solutions for life sciences applications

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December 22nd 2020

Clinical and biotechnological research and laboratory diagnostics require absolute reliability along with the highest level of hygiene. With its high-precision liquid handling systems and consumables for, automated analyses and clinical studies.

With its more than 50 years’ experience in making high precision plastics for medical use. Ritter Medical offers high precision and sterile liquid handling and dosing equipment that includes Ripette® manual and automated step dispensers and a wide range of precisely engineered Ritips® and Riplate® consumables for liquid handling robotics.

These enable safer and more streamlined liquid handling systems and work processes in , laboratories and clinics, supporting better healthcare worldwide.

Liquid handling systems

Ritter Medical offers a varied range of robust, easy to use and high precision liquid handlers and dispensers, under the Ripette® and Ripette® pro brands.

The Ripette® ranges of stepped dispensers are designed to meter precise volumes of liquid for testing or dosing applications. All Ritter Medical liquid handling dispensers are designed for robustness and long service life and to be clear, ultra precise and ergonomically friendly in daily use.

Ripette®pro dispensers are optimised for dispensing of contaminated fluids and volatile liquids, based on an ultra-precise and consistent mechanical action, making these liquid handlers essentially maintenance-free and independent of additional resources such as power supply or batteries. Using Ritips®pro and other compatible plunger dispenser tips,  the Ripette®pro is secure from contamination by aerosols ascending from tip and offer long-term secure use even with highly fluid samples.

Ritter Medical’s ultra-convenient Mini Bottle Dispenser allows containers to be adapted for quick and easy dispensing of liquids in volumes of either 500 µl or 1000 µl. Metered dose is selectable by twisting a pivoting adjustment wheel and then operating the centrally mounted plunger. The bottle dispenser has no metal valves and is made from shatterproof polypropylene, with only maintenance required consisting of rinsing and drying.

Every liquid handling device is individually tested for functionality and precision after production and only receives its serial number after being confirmed as meeting the requirements of DIN EN ISO 8655.

Automated liquid handling

Ritter Medical’s unrivalled expertise in clinical grade plastics is also expressed in its range of consumables for liquid handling automation systems.

The Ritips®pro range is Ritter’s new generation of plunger dispenser tips, purpose designed for laboratory liquid handling robots, with a form that is ideal for test tubes, and deep well plates and featuring nine tip sizes for stepped dispensing volumes ranging from 1 μl to 50 ml. Every single tip is subjected to automated, individual testing to ensure 100 per cent reliable and repeatable results. When used with the Ripette® genX, embedded ‘smart’ capabilities allows ideal tip size to be selected on the interactive display.

The range of Ritter Medical liquid handling robotic tips also includes blackKnights conductive tips and clearKnights transparent tips. It also supports liquid handling automation applications with its range of Riplate® magnetic, microwell, square well and deep well plates, along with microTube® racks, suitable for use with robotic systems and multichannel pipetters.


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Ritter Medical liquid handling solutions for life sciences applications

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