Ritter bringing latest multi-well plates to analytica 2016

Ritter bringing latest multi-well plates to analytica 2016

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APRIL 27, 2016

Schwabmünchen, Germany: – Ritter Medical, the German-based manufacturer of sterile and technically advanced plastics for medical and research use, will exhibit its latest multi-well plates at the upcoming analytica 2016 international trade fair in Munich.

Ritter Medical will appear as an exhibitor in its own right at Messe München at Booth 114 in Pavilion B1, where the centerpieces of its display will be the new Riplate® 96 PP microtiter plate.

The PP variant is a U-shaped well version of the versatile Riplate® 96, which is optimized for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) applications with intermediate wells to minimize cross contamination and a highly transparent form to provide an optimal surface for microscopic analysis. The plates are precision cleanroom manufacture from high-purity polypropylene to ensure long-term reproducibility for filtration of proteins as well as DNA extraction over extended series.

Ritter also manufactures ultra-sterile versions of the existing Riplate® product family.

Magnetic separation

The Ritter stand at analytica will also feature the recently introduced Riplate® magnetic designed for cleaning, mixing or centrifugation of samples in KingFisher™ magnetic particle processors.

Riplate® magnetic can also be used for the storage and preparation of substances. Its magnetic separation technology, based on magnetic particles, allows fast and efficient sample preparation with high throughput.

Newly developed cylindrical wells enable a good bioturbation of samples while raised rims reduce risk of cross contamination. Other advantages include high solvent and chemical resistance, with high stability during centrifugation.

Alphanumeric identification

Both new plates are cleanroom manufactured from high-purity polypropylene to Society for Biomolecular Screening standards with standardized SBS format dimensions of 128 x 85 mm to ensure compatibility across a wide range of popular laboratory liquid handling robots. They also feature alphanumeric coding of individual wells to allow each sample to be uniquely assigned and identified.

“Riplate® 96 and Riplate® magnetic are the perfect storage and analysis plates for today’s highly automated laboratories,” said Ritter Medical’s Sales Division Manager, Mr. Michael Fuchs, who will lead the company’s presence at analytica 2016. Also on stand at different times during the four-day event will be CEO Frank Ritter, CFO Ralf Ritter, Assistant to CEO Johannes von Stauffenberg, the Key Account Managers Andreas Rauch and Melanie Wendel, Quality Manager Mrs. Kerstin Lenke and Inside Sales Manager Elvira Schepp.

About Ritter Medical

Ritter, founded in Bavaria in 1965 is an independent family-owned company that has become a world-class manufacturer of high quality plastics and “made in Germany” sterile laboratory equipment, high precision dispensers, tips and disposables.

Scientists and medical professionals in more than 40 countries rely on the company’s products. Ritter’s cartridge and medical products are particularly important in dialysis, dispensing and biotechnology applications. Many hospitals and laboratories also use Ritter disposables, dispensers and liquid handling systems.

Ritter’s comprehensive ranges of sterile assay and sample handling containers, robotic tips and other specialized equipment make its brand highly respected in research and biotech laboratories.

At its 25,500m² production facility, Ritter’s 300 employees develop and produce high-quality plastic products for world markets, certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. Ritter Medical only uses certified virgin plastics as raw material, with manufacturing processes that comply with ISO 50001 sustainability and performance standards.

About analytica 2016

The 25th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Analytics, or analytica 2016, is one of the world’s leading summits for state-of-the-art laboratory technology and biotechnology. The combined trade fair and conference covers a wide range of subjects connected with laboratory process and technology in breadth and depth.

Analytica 2016 is a four-day event opening May 10 at the Messe München Center, where it has been held every second year since 1968. The 2014 analytica event attracted more than 35,000 visitors from some 120 countries, with some 1,200 exhibitors.

The event includes the analytica conference in the nearby International Congress Center, attracting some 1,600 delegates and featuring more than 300 lectures and speakers over three days.

Supporting program includes the analytica Forum, Finance Day, Job Day, analytica Research Award and training events.

Messe München International (MMI) organizes the event with more information at: Http://www.analytica-world.com/en/events/34206/analytica-2016.html


Name: Andreas Rauch, Key Account Manager, Ritter GmbH | Medical
Tel: 49 823 250 037 20 / +49 171 831 556 7 (mob)
Email: andreas.rauch@ritter-medical.de


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New Riplate® 96 PP plate manufactured from high-purity polypropylene, compatible with all leading laboratory machines

New Riplate® 96 PP plate manufactured from high-purity polypropylene, compatible with all leading laboratory machines

Riplate® 2 ml magnetic separation plate combined with Riplate® 96-tip comb

Riplate® 2 ml magnetic separation plate combined with Riplate® 96-tip comb

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