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    MEDELPHARM White Paper: Particle Morphology Influence on Tablet Characteristics

    September 10th 2021

    Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM has produced a White Paper on material characterization on its STYL’One Nano benchtop research instrument that deals with the influence of particle morphology on tablet characteristics.

    The paper discusses how the varying properties of excipients, APIs or formulations that result from different processes, including powder flow, powder density, particle size distribution and particle shape, affect final product quality, production yields and output.

    Authored by MEDELPHARM Product Marketing Manager Quentin Boulay and senior Pharmacist, Dr. Bruno Leclercq, the paper focuses on two different methods for producing the polyol Mannitol, widely used in chewable formulations, as a filler or a bulk sweetener, and as a replacement in lactose-free formulations.

    Optimizing use of STYL’One

    Investigating the different processes and particle size distributions involved and their effects on tablet properties, the authors show how STYL’One Nano can be an efficient tool for scientists to demonstrate material properties, securing their formulation development and their product marketing.

    Topics discussed include:

    • Comparison of crystalline versus spray-dried grades
    • How plastic energy can form a driving factor for higher manufacturability
    • The influence of particle size of the crystalline grades on manufacturability
    • Customizing method development on STYL’One Nano
    • Key benefits of the compaction simulator

    STYL’One Nano

    The STYL’One Nano is MEDELPHARM’s revolutionary benchtop R&D tablet press for demanding formulation scientists optimised for price performance. The Nano allows research labs to characterize API and develop single layer formulations from just a few grams of powder.

    Standard features include:

    • Integrated Alix R&D software platform with data analysis capabilities
    • Force & displacement measurements
    • Bottom punch dynamics similar to the movements of a rotary press
    • Designed with USP <1062> in mind (square, V-shape, pre- and main compression)
    • Manual, gravity and force feeding options for cost-saving on expensive material
    • Supports standard, multi-tip and shaped tooling
    • Easy to operate and clean


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