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Particle Analytical showing advanced CRO and CDMO capabilities at Nordic Life Science Days

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August 30th 2019

Hørsholm, Denmark: – Particle Analytical (PA), the Danish-based CRO that specializes in analyzing particle properties, will be among the exhibitors at September’s Nordic Life Science Days in Malmö, Sweden.

The PA stand at Booth 2 in the exhibition zone at Malmömässan Conference Center will feature its sophisticated portfolio of cGMP particle analysis, physical characterization, sorption profiling, polymorph studies and other advanced analytical capabilities.

CMC expertise

PA will also present its increasing range of cGMP CRO capabilities in granule, powder, and emulsion characterization, as well as highly developed expertise within chemistry manufacturing and controls (CMC) and solid state characterization.

The PA team at NLSDays 2019 will be led by CEO and founder, Søren Lund Kristensen, who will be accompanied by Senior Technical Specialist Mouritz Svenson.

Physical characterization

“The NLSDays event provides us with excellent opportunities to forge new connections, and share knowledge of our advanced portfolio of skills and capabilities, across our core markets in the Scandinavian region” said Mr. Svenson.

“Our GMP compliant contract analyses in physical characterization will be of particular interest to many of the research professionals attending” he added.

About Particle Analytical

Particle Analytical ApS is a contract laboratory (CRO) that specializes in analysis of physical parameters of particles, powders or emulsions, using a range of advanced techniques.

Founded in year 2000, the laboratory has become one of Denmark’s most rapidly expanding companies, twice winning the national ‘Growth Gazelle’ award.

It is one of the few laboratories in Europe to offer a complete range of services dedicated to analysis of powders, including particle size, and a range of physicochemical properties. These services are primarily focused on the pharmaceutical industry, where particle and powder analysis are essential in controlling compound properties during development, both with regard to production process and behavior in vivo.

Unique analysis services include determination of refraction index, fast compatibility screenings of excipients and determination of the crystalline proportions of samples.

Particle Analytical’s leading-edge capabilities include laser diffraction, XRD, thermal analysis, dynamic light scattering, optical microscopy, BET, dynamic vapor sorption, density measurement and air permeability. The laboratory is fully certificated as cGMP compliant by the Danish authorities and is also registered with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Particle Analytical services can either be used in routine analysis, separately to solve specific problems, or in parallel to larger drug development programs. These services include particle size determination, examination of physical properties, polymorph screening, method development and validation.

About NLSDays 2019

Nordic Life Science Days (NLSDays) is one of Scandinavia’s premier networking events for the healthcare, biotech, pharma and medical device sectors, offering knowledge sharing and partnership opportunities.

The event features a range of sophisticated connection and communications platforms to promote one-on-one conversations.

The 2019 Nordic Life Sciences Days will take place between September 10 and September 12 at Sweden’s Malmömässan Conference Center, just across the bridge from Copenhagen.

The event is organized by SwedenBio with further information at

Particle Analytical showing advanced CRO and CDMO capabilities at Nordic Life Science Days

Particle Analytical CEO, Mr. Søren Lund Kristensen

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