Particle Analytical responds to Covid-19 pandemic

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May 1st 2020

Hørsholm, Denmark: – Due to some disruption caused by the global coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, Danish-based CRO Particle Analytical (PA) has managed to maintain its essential particle property analysis and physical characterization services and sustain full operations.

PA has restructured its operations to comply with Danish government regulations and international health scientific advice in implementing travel bans, adopting remote working, maintaining social distancing and postponing non-critical operations and meetings.

Delivery as normal

“However, we are maintaining normal operations and the current prognosis is that we will maintain normal delivery times and opening hours,” the company has told its partners and stakeholders.

Particle Analytical CEO Søren Lund Kristensen has alerted: “As we begin to see the effects of the Corona crisis, we can already see a rapid decline in economic activity.”

“We see this as a temporary effect and that we will emerge to new stability within months,” says Dr. Kristensen.

Supplier assistance

“However, in the here and now, I realize that many companies have a huge problem regarding liquidity in particular. Therefore, as a small step to help our suppliers, we are immediately implementing a procedure of paying all invoices ASAP to give a small helping hand to our great suppliers,” Dr. Kristensen pledged.

PA is inviting any companies facing physical characterization or API analysis challenges to contact them directly.

“We send our best wishes to all those affected by COVID-19 and to those who keep the wheels of society running,” the company says.

About Particle Analytical

Particle Analytical ApS is a contract laboratory (CRO) that specializes in the analysis of physical parameters of particles, powders or emulsions, using a range of advanced techniques.
Founded in year 2000, the laboratory has become one of Denmark’s most rapidly expanding companies, twice winning the national ‘Growth Gazelle’ award.

It is one of the few laboratories in Europe to offer a complete range of services dedicated to analysis of powders, including particle size, and a range of physicochemical properties. These services are primarily focused on the pharmaceutical industry, where particle and powder analysis are essential in controlling compound properties during development, both with regard to production process and behavior in vivo.

Unique analytical services include determination of refractive index, fast compatibility screenings of excipients and determination of the crystallinity of samples.
Particle Analytical’s leading-edge capabilities include laser diffraction, XRD, thermal analysis, dynamic light scattering, optical microscopy, BET, dynamic vapor sorption, density measurement and air permeability. The laboratory is fully certificated as cGMP compliant by the Danish Medicines Agency and is also registered with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Particle Analytical services can either be used in routine analysis, separately to solve specific problems, or in parallel to larger drug development programs. These services include particle size determination, examination of physical properties, polymorph screening, method development and validation.

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Particle Analytical responds to Covid-19 pandemic

Particle Analytical CEO, Mr. Søren Lund Kristensen