Online video showcases Ritter Medical polySteribox® system

Online video showcases Ritter Medical polySteribox® system

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JUNE 29, 2016

Schwabmünchen, Germany: – Ritter Medical, leading manufacturer of liquid handling and robotic consumables products, has posted an online video demonstration of its versatile sterilization container system.

The polySteribox® containers are available in a range of sizes and shapes and are constructed from technically advanced plastics.

Secure and hygienic

The video shows how the boxes are designed to be securely locked, sealed and labeled; hygienically handled and with a stackable shape for optimum fitment into sterilization cabinets.

The video, posted on the Ritter website, is available as mp4 (Apple QuickTime) or wmv (Windows Media Viewer) download files.

Advanced design and construction

“This is a video we made some time ago for direct presentation that not many people have been able to watch”, said Ritter’s Key Account Manager Andreas Rauch.

“By posting it online, we are allowing the whole world to see just how well designed and constructed these boxes really are”, he added.

Clinical products

The polySteribox® is just one of the Ritter Medical advanced plastics range featured in the company’s updated Clinical Products brochure, which is also downloadable online from the Ritter site.

The 25,000 square meter Ritter manufacturing plant at Schwabmünchen, near Augsburg in southern Bavaria, is one of the most technically advanced plastics facilities in the world, producing some four million items annually. These include liquid handling dispensers and tips, robotic consumable trays and racks.


Ritter polySteribox® in detail

Ritter’s polySteribox® is a range of reusable sterilization, transport and storage containers that are suitable for vacuum steam autoclave sterilization at 121 °C and up to 134 °C (up to 3 bar pressure) or for formaldehyde, ethylene oxide sterilization at up to 65 °C. The containers are also compatible with STERRAD® gas-plasma sterilization.

The combination of high-resistant plastic and sealable form provide effective built-in barriers against germ and bacteria contamination following sterilization.

Simple and easy handling of sterile products is aided by the use of transparent materials, built-in label holders, sterilization seal system, positioning mats, simple and direct access to sterile contents in polySteribox® and a stackable form that allows individual or standardized sets to be combined.

Compared with metal containers, the polySteribox provides easier visibility of contents, no need to change seals and zero risk of heat deformation allowing sealing to be breached.


Material: Extremely stable special kind of plastic, temperature-resistant up to 150 °C
Shelf life: Up to 5 years (with 250 sterilizations/uses per year or 1250 cycles in total)
Applications: Hospital A&E departments, operating theatres, outpatients, neurosurgery, minor surgery, catheter sets, ENT wards, ophthalmic wards, etc. Practice clinics in General Practice, ENT, dental, veterinary, podiatrist; etc.
Available sizes: SH, M, L, XL


About Ritter Medical

Ritter, founded in Bavaria in 1965, is an independent family-owned company that has become a world-class manufacturer of high quality plastics and “made in Germany” sterile laboratory equipment, high precision dispensers, tips and disposables.

Scientists and medical professionals in more than 60 countries rely on the company’s products. Ritter’s cartridge and medical products are particularly important in dialysis, dispensing and biotechnology applications. Many hospitals and laboratories also use Ritter Medical’s disposables, dispensers and liquid handling systems.

In addition, the company’s comprehensive ranges of sterile assay and sample handling containers, robotic tips and other specialized equipment make the Ritter brand highly respected in research and biotech laboratories.

At its 25,500-m² production facility, Ritter’s 300 employees develop and produce high-quality plastic products for world markets, certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Ritter Medical only uses certified virgin plastics as raw material, with manufacturing processes that comply with ISO 50001 sustainability and performance standards.


Name: Andreas Rauch, Key Account Manager, Ritter GmbH | Medical
Tel: +49 823 250 037 20 / +49 171 831 556 7 (mob)


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