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    Molnár-Institute to present ground-breaking UHPLC technology at Hungarian conference

    news-releasesMolnár-Institute for applied chromatography
    September 4th 2019

    Berlin: – The Molnár-Institute for Applied Chromatography will use the upcoming 12th Balaton Symposium on High Performance Separation Methods in Hungary to present a leading edge method for automated UHPLC method modeling, featuring innovative chromatographic data generation and analysis.

    Molnár-Institute is also a silver sponsor of the event, with an association stretching back to its inception in the mid-1990s.

    Automated method development workflow

    The institute’s founder and President, Dr. Imre Molnár, will be joined by Graduate Research Assistant and Scientist, Arnold Zöldhegyi, to present a study that demonstrates an automated method development workflow on a pharmaceutical mixture – including a model of the separation of several peaks of interest and their additional impurities.

    “Automated routines in chromatographic modeling are powerful tools to mitigate human error, increase productivity and reduce costs per analysis,” commented Dr. Molnár.

    Three integration levels

    “Our study includes a series of automation steps, including a seamless integration at three different levels of modeling software with the Waters Empower chromatographic data system,” he explained.

    The integration levels include

    • batch creation and acquisition of 12 input experiments required for a 3D Design Space
    • model verification and search for the setpoint
    • experimental confirmation of robustness results, based on different scientific approaches

    3-D Perspective

    The study authors are also able to demonstrate, as a part of scientific UHPLC model flexibility, a new powerful 3-D perspective on the separation Design Space.

    The study has developed interdependences of flowrate (F) and gradient properties and extended gradient time-temperature models as practical tools for an easy definition of method robustness and complete operational details.

    The UHPLC communications are supported by the internationally used ‘*. dlproj’ chromatography data format that includes 12 input chromatograms, column and instrument conditions, peak tracking history and robustness calculations.

    Findings are summarized in a QbD-relevant Knowledge Management Document for industrial, academic and regulatory communications on product quality and life cycle management in UHPLC.

    About Molnar-Institute

    Molnár-Institute for applied chromatography focuses on new strategies for improving the efficiency and success of modern high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) through its method development software DryLab®4, HPLC software training courses and consulting. Since its foundation in 1981, by Dr. Imre Molnár in Berlin, Molnár-Institute is following a consistent mission to form a center of excellence to save, reduce and optimize method development and run time in HPLC.

    The institute supports ongoing research and development at universities and corporations worldwide with a team of By applying its proprietary method development software DryLab®4 in conjunction with rigorous methodologies, the institute is able to optimize method development and reduce method run time in HPLC and UHPLC. Using real data from a small number of experimental runs, DryLab®4 builds multi-dimensional selectivity maps depicting the interaction of the most important parameters influencing an HPLC separation. This systematic, guided method development process can halve development time, help users optimize parameters based on their specific method goals, and enable easier compliance with regulatory standards (QbD).

    Dr. Imre Molnár remains president of the Molnar-Institute, which is a privately-owned organisation, headquartered in central Berlin.

    About Balaton Symposium on High-Performance Separation

    Founded in 1995, the Balaton Symposia on High-Performance Separation have become an established series of annual events for separation sciences.

    Organised by the Hungarian Society for Separation Sciences (HSSS), the conference brings together international separation scientists and associates to the latest and most important advances in different areas of separations sciences, including GC, UHPLC, HPLC, SFC, HPCE, MS and variations, with numerous applications to small molecule, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and other research fields.

    The 12th Balaton Symposium is a three-day event opening September 11 at the Hotel Azúr in Siófok, Hungary.

    The event is organized by HSSS, with further information at:

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