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    MEDELPHARM White Paper: Exploring use of V-shaped compression profile

    June 15th 2022

    Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM has produced a further White Paper bulletin exploring the V-shape compression cycle available on its STYL’One Nano benchtop compaction simulator and its applications in powder characterization.

    The bulletin Material Characterization with a V-Shape Compression Profile on STYL’One Nano is prepared for scientists and researchers who need to foresee the impact of compaction parameters on product attributes, such as tablet hardness, while using APIs in very limited amounts.

    USP 1062 profile 

    The bulletin is based on studies carried out by MEDELPHARM Formulation Scientist Dr. Sixtine Caquant and Product Marketing Manager Quentin Boulay.

    The paper assesses the compression speed sensitivity of material using the V-shape profile, defined in USP Monograph 1062 as “linear compression and decompression phases that yield saw-tooth punch displacement–time profiles”. This compression cycle is often used for powder characterization to ensure a constant punch speed during the compression and decompression events.

    Influence of compression speed

    The bulletin compares varying compression speed impact on tablet characteristics using STYL’One Nano speeds ranging from 1 mm/s to 90 mm/s, illustrated with data based on pregelatinized maize starch as a sample material.

    This case study demonstrated how the V-shape profile on the STYL’One Nano allows scientists to link compression speed to product cohesion. Different studies can be easily performed on the STYL’One Nano with neat APIs as well as final blends with only few grams of powders. Potential studies include:

    • Characterize and compare different products at constant speed
    • Predict impact of compression parameters on tablet properties
    • Analyze to what extent a formulation is strain rate sensitive.


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    Particle Morphology Influence on Tablet Characteristics


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