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    MEDELPHARM to present STYL’One Nano compaction simulation at Making Pharmaceuticals UK Expo

    April 20th 2022

    Beynost, France: – Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM  will showcase advanced tablet formulation possibilities at the upcoming Making Pharmaceuticals UK Exhibition and Conference in the English city of Coventry.

    MEDELPHARM will team with global partner KORSCH AG to exhibit from Booth 218, where it will live demonstrate the STYL’One Nano R&D Compaction Simulator’s wide range of tablet development capabilities.

    Compaction simulation presentation

    This will be MEDELPHARM’s third appearance at Making Pharmaceuticals and this time it will contribute to the scientific conference with a presentation by Dr. Delphine Ach-Hubert, Senior Formulation Scientist at the MEDELPHARM Science Lab.

    Dr. Ach-Hubert’s presentation on ‘Compactions Simulators, A material-sparing method to accelerate Tablet Formulation Development’ will show how the STYL’One operated in compaction simulation mode offers the capability to replicate tablet compression parameters from first development through to production scale while using minimal material quantities. She will focus on the fundamentals of compaction simulator design and present several case studies around material characterization, formulation development, scale-up and troubleshooting of tablet defects. Her address will highlight the correlation between tablet properties produced on a compaction simulator and tablets manufactured on a high-speed production press, for single layer, multilayer and tab-in-tab application.

    Powerful R&D Presses – Made by People for People

    The MEDELPHARM team at Making Pharmaceuticals UK will be headed by STYL’One Product Marketing Manager Quentin Boulay, who says the event will raise their visibility in the UK as a key country for pharmaceutical research and development.

    “We can demonstrate STYL’One Nano as one of the most advanced Benchtop R&D Tablet Press that is also one of the most accessible for every laboratory,” said Mr. Boulay.

    “The STYL’One Nano was really developed to provide a powerful tablet development tool to even more people. It’s both affordable and compact, but still forms a very high-end tablet press, augmented by the richness of data generated ans supported by the MEDELPHARM Science Lab, accompanying developers at every stage from early research to production,” he added.

    “As such, this is a ‘must have’ tool for every formulation scientist in early development and powder characterization,” Mr. Boulay declared.


    Founded in 1985 in Lyon, France, MEDELPHARM has more than 35 years of experience in the tableting sector. Among other initiatives, the precision engineering company designs and manufactures research & development compaction simulators, and provides innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation support.

    Staffed by a dedicated team of scientists and technicians, the MEDELPHARM Science Lab performs trials with predictive results and supports its customers with formulation and powder characterization challenges. In addition, MEDELPHARM Distribution also represents a range of solutions in powder processing, from R&D to production.

    For more information, visit:

    About Making Pharmaceuticals UK 2022

    The Making Pharmaceuticals UK Exhibition, Conference and Awards is a leading life sciences event that encompasses all important pharma industry topics, including processing, medical devices, regulatory compliance, clinical testing, R&D, quality assurance, packaging, serialization, clinical trial testing, ingredients, excipients, and microbiology.

    This annual event is one of a series that also includes sister conferences in Ireland and Italy.

    Making Pharmaceuticals UK 2022 is a two-day event opening April 26 at the Coventry Building Society Arena in the English West Midlands.

    The exhibition includes specific Industry Zones dedicated to Processing & Machinery, Laboratory, Ingredients & Raw Materials, Pharma Facilities, and Cleanroom & Hygiene, The conference is organized around five parallel tracks.

    The event also incorporates an annual Awards ceremony recognizing Sustainable Achievement, Innovation in Manufacturing, and Innovation in Distribution.

    The event is organized by Step Exhibitions, with more information at:


    Click on Korsch and MEDELPHARM at Making Pharmaceuticals UK for exhibitor information.
    Click on STYL’One Nano to view video.
    Click on STYL’One Nano brochure to download.


    Troubleshooting Tablet Defects in No-Time

    MEDELPHARM to present STYL’One Nano compaction simulation at Making Pharmaceuticals UK Expo

    MEDELPHARM STYL’One Nano benchtop tableting instrument with STYL’One Evolution showing compact profile.

    MEDELPHARM to present STYL’One Nano compaction simulation at Making Pharmaceuticals UK Expo
    MEDELPHARM to present STYL’One Nano compaction simulation at Making Pharmaceuticals UK Expo

    Presenter: Dr. Delphine Ach-Hubert, MEDELPHARM Science Lab Senior Formulation Scientist.

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