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    Medelpharm hosting STYL’One webinar on accelerated formulation development

    September 24th 2020

    Beynost, France: – Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialists Medelpharm will use a free webinar to show how its STYL’One EVO and Nano tableting instruments can help research scientists accelerate their early stage formulation development, scale-up and manufacturing.

    The webinar, “How to accelerate formulation development” is being staged in partnership with Business Review to take place on October 6, commencing at 1500 hrs. BST (1000 EDT). Registration is free from the business review website (see Resources).

    Insights from the Science Lab

    The webinar will be hosted by Medelpharm’s Business Development Pharmacist Bruno Leclercq and Product Marketing Manager Quentin Boulay. M. Leclercq, who also leads Medelpharm’s Science Lab, . has more than 20 years of expertise in excipient and formulation development, while M. Boulay has extensive experience as an international business development consultant for start-ups and small companies in the biotechnology and material industries.

    Together, they will share insights that show how the STYL’One series can be used to overcome scientists’ day-to-day challenges in oral solid dosage form development, such as implementing quality by design (QbD) principles, developing formulations for easier scale-up and production and generating the robust data needed to guide decision making and satisfy regulators.

    Case studies

    They will present case studies from our Science Lab that highlight such issues as:

    • Quick screening of excipient for formulation optimization
    • Determination of process parameter criticality
    • Feasibility assessment of dry granulation process by using a limited amount of material
    • Scale-up of multilayer formulations

    The webinar is designed to meet the needs of a diverse R&D and engineering audience that includes formulation and galenic scientists, oral and solid dosage form specialists, scale-up and tech transfer engineers, technical support staff, pure researchers and regulators.

    Key learning objectives

    The webinar content will draw on Medelpharm’s 15 years of experience in developing R&D tableting technology and STYL’One applications in industry and academia worldwide. It will address learning objectives including:

    • How to identify critical and non-critical process parameters with a limited amount of API
    • How to accelerate formulation development, even for more complex tablet forms
    • How to secure industrial scale-up by reducing risk of failure
    • How to continuously improve production process and solve production issues

    About Medelpharm

    Headquartered near Lyon, Medelpharm is a high-precision engineering company manufacturing R&D tablet presses and providing innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation.

    Since 1985, Medelpharm have been specialists in designing and manufacturing tableting instruments that work with high-speed and precision but at the same time are easy-to-use, summarized in the strap line: ‘Made by people for people’.

    With its background in actual production, Medelpharm has a deep understanding of tableting processes.

    For formulation scientists and pilot plant developers around the world looking for assistance in powder characterization, solid dosage formulation or production trouble shooting, Medelpharm can offer a comprehensive portfolio of multi-functional tableting Instruments, R&D presses and high-speed compaction simulators as well as process equipment and extensive Science lab services in tableting, early research API characterization all the way to product development.


    Click on Medelpharm formulation development webinar for further information.
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    Particle Morphology Influence on Tablet Characteristics

    Medelpharm hosting STYL’One webinar on accelerated formulation development

    STYLOne Nano benchtop compaction simulator.

    Medelpharm hosting STYL’One webinar on accelerated formulation development

    STYL’One Evo

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