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    MEDELPHARM present advanced tablet research solutions at European Pharmaceutics conference

    March 16th 2023

    Beynost, France: – Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM will team with strategic partner KORSCH to exhibit its innovative tableting machines for R&D and production at ResearchPharm® as part of the upcoming European Conference on Pharmaceutics, in Marseille, France.

    The joint KORSCH and MEDELPHARM display at Booth 19 in the ResearchPharm exhibition zone at the Chanot Center in Marseille will highlight the STYL’One Nano desktop compaction simulator as a tableting research solution particularly applicable to academia and industry. This will include live stand demonstrations hosted by Head of Business Development and expert pharmacist Bruno Leclercq and Product Marketing Manager Quentin Boulay.

    In addition to the STYL’One EVO and Nano presses designed and manufactured by Medelpharm and their laboratory for compression studies, Medelpharm also offers the full range of R&D and process equipment for powder processing, with the brands KORSCH, LB BOHLE, MG2, QUADRO-Fitzpatrick, PROCEPT-Xedev, CALEVA and GRANUTOOLS.

    Pierre Molinatti, Sales Engineer Distribution looks forward to welcoming you to the stand to discuss this together.

    Science Lab highlighted

    The display will also show the MEDELPHARM STYL’One Evo research instrument and feature the work of the MEDELPHARM Science Lab in performing trials with predictive results and providing support for formulation and powder characterization challenges.

    MEDELPHARM Head of Business Development and Communication Ingrid Coyle commented: “We have been a consistent presence at the Pharmaceutics conference since it was first staged five years ago but this is the first time we have jointly exhibited with KORSCH here, marking our deepening strategic collaboration.”

    “In December last year, KORSCH and MEDELPHARM decided to further strengthen the relationship and write the future of R&D tableting together,” Mrs. Coyle added.


    Founded in 1985 in Lyon, France, MEDELPHARM has more than 35 years of experience in the tableting sector. Among other initiatives, the precision engineering company designs and manufactures research & development compaction simulators, and provides innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation support.

    Staffed by a dedicated team of scientists and technicians, the MEDELPHARM Science Lab performs trials with predictive results and supports its customers with formulation and powder characterization challenges. In addition, MEDELPHARM Distribution also represents a range of solutions in powder processing, from R&D to production.

    For more information, visit:

    About European Conference on Pharmaceutics 2023

    First staged in 2018, the European Conference on Pharmaceutics brings together scientists from industry, academia and regulatory bodies worldwide to discuss research and development of drug products and medical devices, scale-up and pharmaceutical production.

    The Conference provides a platform for both junior and established scientists from academia and industry from all over the world to present their work, network, discuss newest scientific findings and to share their experience with colleagues.

    The 4th European Conference is a two-day event opening March 20 at the Marseille Chanot exhibition and convention center, part of the Palais des Congrèsin the center of the historic Southern French seaport.

    The conference theme covers a large range of presentations on fundamental research, formulation development, pharmaceutical ingredients, developing and processing equipment, analytical technologies, medicinal products, medical devices, contract manufacturing, regulatory frameworks, stability testing, in vitro-in vivo correlations, in-silico simulations and many others.

    The event is jointly organized by Germany’s APV International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology, the French APGI International Society of Drug Delivery Sciences and Technology and Italy’s ADRITELF Association of Italian Professors and Researchers of Pharmaceutical Technologies and Legislation Department of Pharmacy. Further information at:


    Click on KORSCH & Medelpharm at  ResearchPharm® 2023  to see exhibitor information.
    Click on STYL’One Nano R&D Benchtop Tablet Press to view video.
    Click on Multilayer on STYL’One Evolution to watch video.


    Particle Morphology Influence on Tablet Characteristics

    MEDELPHARM present advanced tablet research solutions at European Pharmaceutics conference

    On display with live demos: MEDELPHARM STYL’One Nano benchtop tableting instrument.

    MEDELPHARM present advanced tablet research solutions at European Pharmaceutics conference


    MEDELPHARM present advanced tablet research solutions at European Pharmaceutics conference

    MEDELPHARM Science Lab provides technical advice and research results direct to customers.

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