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    MEDELPHARM partners with CMAC on digital medicines manufacturing

    March 28th 2023

    Beynost, France: – Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialists MEDELPHARM is collaborating with the Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallization (CMAC) future manufacturing research hub in Glasgow, UK, on autonomous design of direct compression tablets.

    MEDELPHARM has become a partner in CMAC’s ground-breaking Digital Medicines Manufacturing (DM2) research center that is conducting an ambitious three and a half year programme, co-created and co-delivered with industry, to enable digital design in medicines manufacturing.

    STYL’One Nano automated development platform

    DM2 aims to advance medicines development, manufacture, quality control and supply through the creation of data-driven Industrial Digital Technologies (IDTs) including AI, robotics and digital twins, with the objectives of reducing lead times by 95%, halving Quality Control (QC) costs and reducing waste to one third of current industry norms.

    MEDELPHARM has provided the DM2 team with its advanced STYL’One Nano benchtop compaction simulator to use in their work. The instrument will be fully integrated in an automated development and testing platform for the design of direct compression tablets in a complete autonomous and controlled way.

    Scientific assistance

    MEDELPHARM Science Lab Formulations Scientist Dr. Delphine Ach-Hubert has been working at CMAC to train the DM2 team in the use of the STYL’One Nano and perform initial experiments.

    “The comprehensive data generated during the compression event will help designing new tableting models for process optimization. As market leaders in compaction simulation, we are proud to participate in this innovative development of micro-scale factory,” commented Dr. Ach-Hubert.


    Founded in 1985 in Lyon, France, MEDELPHARM has more than 35 years of experience in the tableting sector. Among other initiatives, the precision engineering company designs and manufactures research & development compaction simulators, and provides innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation support.

    Staffed by a dedicated team of scientists and technicians, the MEDELPHARM Science Lab performs trials with predictive results and supports its customers with formulation and powder characterization challenges. In addition, MEDELPHARM Distribution also represents a range of solutions in powder processing, from R&D to production.

    For more information, visit:

    About CMAC

    The Centre for Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallization (CMAC) is a world-leading research center located within the Technology & Innovation Centre at University of Strathclyde near Glasgow in Scotland.

    CMAC’s mission is to deliver value to its stakeholders by creating new science, innovative technologies and a future workforce supporting the adoption of advanced CMC development and manufacturing approaches to enable future drug substance and drug product supply.

    The Centre applies a unique configuration of academic research, applied and precompetitive programs and translation to industry models in its work with Tier 1, Tier 2, academic and innovation partners to transform medicines development, manufacture & supply.

    Over the past decade, CMAC has established a vibrant portfolio of pre-competitive multidisciplinary collaborative research, training and translation projects, within a world class facility.

    Further information at:


    Click on STYL’One Nano arrives at CMAC to see Twitter announcement.
    Click on Welcome to DM2 to learn more about the Digital Medicines Manufacturing project.
    Click on STYL’One Nano R&D Benchtop Tablet Press to view video.


    Troubleshooting Tablet Defects in No-Time

    MEDELPHARM partners with CMAC on digital medicines manufacturing

    CMAC tweets arrival of STYL’One Nano.

    MEDELPHARM partners with CMAC on digital medicines manufacturing

    MEDELPHARM’s Dr. Delphine Ach-Hubert provides CMAC DM2 team with guided tour.

    MEDELPHARM partners with CMAC on digital medicines manufacturing

    On display with live demos: MEDELPHARM STYL’One Nano benchtop tableting instrument.

    MEDELPHARM partners with CMAC on digital medicines manufacturing

    STYLOne Evo.

    MEDELPHARM partners with CMAC on digital medicines manufacturing

    MEDELPHARM Science Lab provides technical advice and research results direct to customers.

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