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    MEDELPHARM brings compaction simulation expertise to CSF 2024 in Dublin

    June 12th 2024

    Beynost, (Lyon), France: – Research-based manufacturer and powder compaction specialist MEDELPHARM and its parent company KORSCH AG formed a prominent combined presence at the influential Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF) when it was held in early June in Dublin, Irish Republic.

    MEDELPHARM and KORSCH were among the leading sponsors of the 13th CSF forum, held at Dublin’s Trinity College, Ireland’s leading university.

    Scientific contributions

    Both companies contributed scientific presentations to the agenda, as well as sharing their compaction simulation, formulation, and tableting expertise and knowledge through the conference’s discussions, networking platforms and the Day Two poster session.

    Posters included a MEDLEPHARM Science Lab study authored by Formulation Scientist Dr. Delphine Ach-Hubert, exploring use of the STYL’One “Take-off sensor as a tool for sticking assessment during tablet development”.

    Preventing sticking

    Dr. Ach-Hubert showed how the take-off sensor, new accessory now available on STYL’One Evo compaction simulation, can be used to overcome the problems of sticking experienced in trying to tablet drugs with low solid fraction (LSF).

    Her prime references included one study suggesting more than 70% of candidate drugs have low solubility at BCS Class II or IV (Nikolakakis et al., 2017), combined with complementary findings that while decreasing LSF in tablet formulations improves the dissolution rate (Van der Ban et al, 2017), it also increases the risk of sticking (Capece, 2019). The take – off sensor developed by MEDELPHARM allows this sticking potential to be quantified in advance.

    Integrated scale-up

    For KORSCH, Process Specialist Dr. Moritz Rosch gave a conference presentation “Single Step Scale-Up from Compaction Simulator to Rotary Press” that highlighted the efficiency of the STYL’One Evo compaction simulator in streamlining a scale-up process.  He showed that with prior knowledge of the materials’ behavior towards compaction force and turret speed increase, the scale-up was managed very quickly and with minimal material loss.

    Dr. Rosch and his team at the KORSCH Innovation Center in Germany offer expertise and services around solid dose product development, equipment trials and formulation optimization, complementing the technical support provided by MEDELPHARM Science Lab in Lyon.

    Compaction simulation leader

    MEDELPHARM Marketing Director Quentin Boulay commented:  “We were delighted to return to the CSF conference, having regularly attended previous editions over more than a decade.

    This is a highly expert gathering and MEDELPHARM, as a leader in compaction simulation technology, needs to take part to stay on top of the field: know current trends and development, understand users’ needs and pain points, see potential improvement, and show emerging simulation trends.”


    Headquartered near Lyon, MEDELPHARM is a high-precision engineering company manufacturing R&D tablet presses and providing innovative solutions for powder analysis and formulation.

    Since 1985, MEDELPHARM have been specialists in ‘Made by people for people’ tableting instruments that work with high-speed and precision but at the same time are very easy-to-use.

    Since the end of 2022, it has been a member of the international KORSCH Group, enhancing its worldwide reach.

    With its historical background in actual production, MEDELPHARM has a deep understanding of the R&D requirements that apply to tableting processes.

    For formulation scientists and pilot plant developers around the world looking for assistance in powder characterization, solid dosage formulation or production troubleshooting, MEDELPHARM can offer a comprehensive portfolio of multi-functional tableting Instruments, R&D presses and high-speed compaction simulators as well as process equipment and extensive Science lab services in tableting, early research API characterization all the way to product development.

    For more information, visit:

    About CSF Europe 2024

    The Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF) is an annual knowledge sharing event dedicated to bringing together leading players in tableting and powder formulation, including practitioners, researchers, formulators, and vendors, reflecting the rise of high-speed hydraulic simulators and mechanical replicators in the pharmaceutical Industry and academia.

    Since the event was founded in 2012 with an initial meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts, there have been twelve CSF meetings, alternating between Europe and the USA, with the most recent meeting held in Boston, Massachusetts in 2023.

    The 13th CSF was again a three-day meeting, opening June 4, 2023, at Ireland’s leading university Trinity College Dublin. It attracted delegates representing academic and research institutions, pharma companies and equipment suppliers. The forum featured numerous expert presentations, posters, and round-table discussions. There was also a co-located vendor exhibition zone.

    The event is organized by the Compaction Simulation Group under the Presidency of Dr. Kevin J. Bittorf with further information at:


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    Troubleshooting Tablet Defects in No-Time

    MEDELPHARM brings compaction simulation expertise to CSF 2024 in Dublin
    MEDELPHARM brings compaction simulation expertise to CSF 2024 in Dublin

    MEDELPHARM STYL’One Evo compaction simulator: accelerating scale up to high speed  KORSCH tablet production.

    MEDELPHARM brings compaction simulation expertise to CSF 2024 in Dublin

    Dr. Delphine Ach-Hubert presenting her poster “Take-off sensor as a tool for sticking assessment during tablet development”.

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