Liquid chromatography expert Dr. Szabolcs Fekete to address Molnár-Institute Biopolymer Masterclass on 23-24 April in Berlin

Liquid chromatography expert Dr. Szabolcs Fekete to address Molnár-Institute Biopolymer Masterclass on 23-24 April in Berlin

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Press Release | Molnár-Institute for applied chromatography

FEBRUARY 12, 2018

The Molnár-Institute for Applied Chromatography has announced that one of the world’s most respected experts on liquid chromatography, Dr. Szabolcs Fekete of University of Geneva, will take part in its upcoming series of Masterclasses on Separation of Therapeutic Proteins (Biopolymers).

Dr. Fekete gained his PhD in analytical chemistry from the Technical University of Budapest and worked at Gedeon Richter’s analytical R&D department for 10 years, moving to University of Geneva in 2011. He has contributed to more than 80 journal articles and authored book chapters in handbooks. His main interests include liquid chromatography (RP, IEX, SEC, HIC, SFC, HILIC), column technology, method development, pharmaceutical and protein analysis.

He will be a guest speaker to Molnár-Institute’s April two-day Masterclass on ‘Method Development for the Separation of Therapeutic Proteins (Biopolymers’ that focuses on application of Molnár’s proprietary DryLab®4 separation modelling software.

DryLab®4 separation modelling

The two-day masterclass will be held April 23-24 at the Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Am Friedrichshain 17, 10407 Berlin, with a further course scheduled for October 29-30, 2018.

The course will provide extensive training using DryLab®4 modeling in which users learn to improve their HPLC (UHPLC) method development capabilities for the separation of therapeutic proteins. The Masterclass will explain and discuss the fundamentals of reversed-phase (RP), ion-exchange- (IEX), hydrophobic interaction- (HIC) and size-exclusion- (SEC) chromatography. It will explore several examples of monoclonal antibody separations (mAbs) and related products, such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

Rigorous analysis

Institute president Dr. Imre Molnár said, the need for the Masterclass had never been more intense.

“MAbs and related therapeutics currently account for global sales of around $50 billion and are starting to receive competition from biosimilar incomes. Most pharmaceutical companies have entered the rapidly growing biosimilar market. Therefore, the authorities are now demanding more appropriate and detailed analysis of biopharmaceuticals at different levels (top-down, middle-down and bottom-up),” Dr. Molnár explained.

“Our Masterclass participants will learn the different two- and three-dimensional (3D) optimization models for all the principal chromatographic modes. We will also demonstrate fast and efficient method adjustment, transfer and robustness testing,” he said.

“It will be a great privilege to hear Dr. Fekete’s expert insights on method development in pharmaceutical and protein analysis and liquid chromatography,” said Dr. Molnár.

Early registration discount

Molnár-Institute courses are taught in English by Dr. Imre Molnár, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Rieger, and guest lecturer Dr. Szabolcs Fekete . Each brings in-depth knowledge and experience to the classroom in both theory and practice of HPLC-modeling of Proteins.

Registrations made six weeks prior to start of the course will qualify for 25 per cent discount on seminar fee.

Molnár-Institute also offer in-house courses in English or German at company locations worldwide.

About Molnar-Institute

Molnár-Institute for applied chromatography focuses on new strategies for improving the efficiency and success of modern high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) through its method development software DryLab®, HPLC and software training courses, and HPLC consulting.

Since its foundation in 1981, by Dr. Imre Molnár in Berlin, Molnár-Institute has followed a consistent mission, to form a center of excellence to save, reduce and optimize method development and run time in HPLC.

The institute supports ongoing research and development at universities and corporations worldwide with a team of chromatography specialists devoted to improving global health care and to ensuring the development of safe and effective products in the pharmaceutical, life-science, and food industries.

By applying its proprietary method development software DryLab® in conjunction with rigorous methodologies, the institute is able to optimize method development and reduce method run time in HPLC and UHPLC. Using real data from a minimal number of experimental runs, DryLab® builds multi-dimensional selectivity maps depicting the interaction of the most important parameters influencing an HPLC separation. This systematic, guided method development process can halve development time, help users optimize parameters based on their specific method goals, and enable easier compliance with regulatory standards (QbD).

Dr. Imre Molnár is the president of the Molnar-Institute, which is a privately owned organisation, headquartered in central Berlin.

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