Laminates for pharma products

Laminates for pharma products

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BERNHARDT specializes in developing efficient solutions that meet all pharma industry requirements for the packing of sensitive powders, granules, paste or liquid products in pouches, bags or sachets ranging in size from 30cl to 2000 liters. These are formed of high barrier laminated foils for ultra-sensitive products as well as laminated or co-extruded media protection films for pharmaceutical and other applications.

Pharma laminate properties

To meet requirements for pharmaceutical products, suitable laminates must possess various combinations of the following properties:

  • High mechanical performance: strength to resist rearing, piercing and to retain shape
  • Chemical resistance to aggressive agents
  • Easy-opening or tearing capabilities
  • Alu-based or alu-free high barrier performance
  • Paper-based for sustainability

High Quality Barrier Laminates

BERNHARDT uses materials for its pharma-grade barrier laminates that are chosen and studied for the following applications:

  • Sealable in layer: Constructed of Polyethylene (Pe) or Polypropylene (PP) in thicknesses ranging from 75µm to 150µm.
  • Non-sealable out layer: This can be constructed of Polyester (Pet), white or brown paper , Polyamide (Pa), Metallic Polyester film or PP, depending on printing requirements,.
  • Intermediate layers: These are formed from aluminum, Polyamide, Metallized Polyester, etc. to give the liners mechanical resistance or high barrier protection properties.

Laminate Formats

Our laminates can be formed from three materials (Triplex) or four layers (Quadruplex) depending on strength, barrier or other requirements.

For high barrier applications without aluminium foil, BERNHARDT prefers PA-Evoh-Pe, Paper Evoh-Pe or Metallized Pet-OPA-Pe compositions.

  • Triplex Layer formats: High Barrier: Pet-Alu-PE, ¨Paper-Alu-PE, Metallized Pet-OPA-PE, Pet-AlOx-PA- PE.
  • Quadruplex Layer formats: Four-layer laminates for ultra-high barrier applications including Pet-Alu-Pa-PE and Paper-Alu-Pa-PE.


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Veronique Malahieude , Sales Assistant, BERNHARDT SAS
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BERNHARDT pharmaceutical liquid or solids pouches can be constructed from  many different combinations of laminate material

BERNHARDT pharmaceutical liquid or solids pouches can be constructed from many different combinations of laminate material

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