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Bernhardt bag, pouch and sachet packaging solutions

February 27th 2020

Bernhardt specializes in developing efficient and innovative packaging solutions that meet all pharma industry requirements for the packing of sensitive powders, granules, paste or liquid products.

As a combined packaging machine manufacturer and packing format developer, Bernhardt is uniquely well placed to provide holistic and end-to-end packaging solutions that include pouches, bags or sachets ranging in size from 30cl to 2000 liters together with the machinery required to fill and seal them.

Innovative pharmaceutical packaging

Bernhardt bags, pouches and sachets are formed of high barrier laminated foils for ultra-sensitive products as well as laminated or co-extruded media protection films for pharmaceutical and other applications.

Laminate-based packaging solutions possess a range of advantages for pharmaceutical packaging and for industrial packaging applications. These include:

  • Chemical resistance to aggressive agents
  • High mechanical performance: strength to resist rearing, piercing and to retain shape
  • Alu-based or alu-free high barrier performance
  • Easy-opening or tearing capabilities

Tailored to application

Depending on application, Bernhardt packaging can incorporate specific properties to meet product or user demands.

As a versatile producer with a sophisticated range of equipment, Bernhardt is able to offer customers the choice between laminated or co-extruded film-based solutions.

Laminated film, composed of multiple layers of film bonded together with an adhesive, provides excellent barrier properties combined with high mechanical strength.

Co-extruded film, manufactured by assembling compatible polymers in one step, eliminates any need for adhesives, providing an ideal solution for products which are prone to migration of solvents between layers.

Further features can include:

  • Retortable laminates: constructed from a flexible metal-plastic laminate able to withstand the heat of thermal processing in sterilization.
  • Extrusion lamination: coating of glues or synthetic resin onto a substrate used for combination of various materials, such as polyethylene (Pe) onto aluminum foil
  • Peelable options
  • Transparency
  • Sealing layer suitable for critical conditions
  • Paper-based for sustainability

Multi-layer films

Bernhardt uses different materials for its pharma-grade barrier laminates, with compositions depending on use and application.

Sealable in-layer in contact with the product can be formed from Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP).

Non-sealable protective out-layer suitable for labelling or printing can be formed from Polyester, white or brown paper, Polyamide or PP.

Intermediate layer(s) offering an extra barrier and/or greater mechanical strength can be formed from Aluminium or Polyamide enhanced by addition of ethylene vinyl-alcohol copolymers (EVOH), silicon oxide (SiOx), or aluminium oxide (AlOx) metallizing systems.

All film formats can be fitted with a wide range of spouts, valves or caps to facilitate filling and/or dispensing of products.

Wide range of packaging formats

Bernhardt offers a very wide range of open mouth packs and reclosable pouches with high barrier properties to protect products from moisture, oxidation, light, and contamination. These include pouches for solids, liquids and pastes and large capacity high barrier bags. for solids: 80-2000 liters It also manufactures a wide range of specialized machinery to meet specific packaging needs such as sealing, powder filling, vacuum or gas flushing and packing.

Its product portfolios include:

Liquid products and pastes: pouches with bottom gusset or standup pouches with side gusset, pillow pouches for bag in box or drum applications, special flexible pouches for integration into backpack or other delivery systems, bulk or drum liners

Dry and solid products: Flat pouches and bags, sachets with bottom gusset or flat bottom gusset, side gusset stand up bags, TTAB bag in boxes and big bag or Octabin liners.

Bernhardt bag, pouch and sachet packaging solutions

Bernhardt pharmaceutical liquid or solids pouches can be constructed from many different combinations of laminate material.


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