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BERNHARDT Packaging & Process (BERNHARDT) is a French-based specialist manufacturer of high-barrier foil packaging and industrial packaging machinery.

BERNHARDT’s mission is to provide perfectly adapted packing solutions, driven by innovation, quality, and flexibility.

The company specializes in developing efficient solutions that meet all pharma industry requirements for the packing of sensitive powders, granules, paste or liquid products in pouch sizes ranging from 30cl to 2000 liters. These are formed of high barrier foils for ultra-sensitive products as well as laminated or co-extruded medium protection films for mainstream applications.


BERNHARDT’s solutions are based on technical mastery of the materials and processes needed to develop and form high quality barrier foil packaging. These include:

Sealable In Layer: made from Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) in thicknesses from 75µm to 150µm and incorporating ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) or silicon oxide (SiOx) additives to increase the barrier properties of transparent PE materials.

Non-Sealable Out Layer: Made from Polyester (PET), White or Brown paper, Polyamide (PA), Metallic Polyester film or PP.

Intermediate Layers: provided in Aluminum, Polyamide, Metallized Polyester, etc., to give liners mechanical resistance or additional protection properties.

BI-Layer Materials: Dual laminate Paper-PE, Pa-PE or Pet-PE for eco-applications; Sy-PE, Pet EVOH-PE, Paper-EVOH-PE or Metallized Pet-PE for optimum barrier performance.

Triplex Layer Materials: High Barrier: Pet-Alu-PE, ¨Paper-Alu-PE, Metallized Pet-PE, Pet-PA-SiOx PE.

Quadruplex Layer Materials: Four-layer laminates for ultra-high barrier applications including Pet-Alu-Pa-PE and Paper-Alu-Pa-PE.


BERNHARDT offers a very wide range of open mouth packs and reclosable pouches with high barrier properties to protect products from moisture, oxidation, light, and contamination. These come in four principal ranges:

Pouches for solids: 0.5 L to 80 L

BERNHARDT’s high barrier pouches for long term packing of sensitive solid products (powders, granules, medical devices, components, etc.) in small and medium volumes come in a variety of commonly favored forms including 3 side-sealed bags (3S), Bottom Gusset (SF Or SBT), Lateral Gussets (2SL), Flexible Retort (Sterilization), UNO-approved CMR Drums for sensitive products and specific shapes produced to customer specification for bespoke applications such as tablets, API, vitamins, capsules, medical devices, etc.

High barrier bags for solids: 80 L to 2000 L

BERNHARDT large capacity pouches are ideal for packing or transfer of sensitive solid products, such as powders, granules, etc., in large volumes or for long term storage. These come in 3S and 2SL formats as well as special shapes for use as liners in octabins or big bags adapted to packing in bulk of sensitive products.

Pouches for Liquids and Pastes: 0.3 L to 200 L

For liquid storage, transport and dispensing, flexible pouches provide powerful advantages that include space saving, easier handling and disposal and protection against air contamination for longer shelf life. BERNHARDT’s smaller pouches and sachets are designed for long term packing of liquid and paste products in small to medium volumes and are available in space-efficient Stand Up Pouch, Side Gusset and 4 Seals Pillow variants as well as special shapes for specific applications. Pouches are available in a wide variety of materials from medium protection films to high barrier foils. A wide range of spouts, caps and connections is available to adapt each pouch to different filling processes, as well as fitments, handles, suspension holes, etc.

Flexible bags for Liquids and Pastes: 200 L to 1000 L

BERNHARDT’s larger liquid pouches are designed for long term packing of sensitive liquid, paste and semi-paste products in medium to high volumes, constructed from film and foil materials chosen to meet specific requirements such as protection against vapor moisture, gas, UV or packing under vacuum or gas flushing. Spouts, caps and connections are available to suit a wide range of filling processes and end-user applications.


BERNHARDT manufactures a wide range of specialized machinery to meet specific packaging needs. These machines come in four main ranges:

Sealing Machines

A varied range of machines for automatic or semi automatic hermetic sealing of PE bags or multilayer foil bags using heat sealing, or impulse sealing. BERNHARDT also has a strong experience of ATEX sealers for explosion-proof areas.

Impulse Driver is BERNHARDT’s perfected system for temperature thermo- regulation sealing machines.

Powder Filling Machines

Machines specifically designed for semi-automatic filling of powders, granules or flakes from 5kg up to 30kg into bags, drums, buckets, bag-in-box, octabins, rigid containers and big bags up to 1000kg. These machines can be used stand alone or integrated into a production line.

Vacuum / Gas flushing equipment

Machines adapted to specialized industrial environments such as semi-automatic industrial sealing of bags under desaeration, under vacuum or gas flushing.

Packing Lines

Tailor-designed and engineered automated solutions to meet a wide variety of needs including forming of bag, bag-in-box and other packaging, filling and weighing control, sealing under vacuum or gas flushed environments, bag sealing, box closing and palletizing.

Structure and history:

Joseph Bernhardt founded his company in 1956 in the ancient port of Boulogne-sur-Mer in Northern France to design and manufacture machines for the packing of fish and seafood.

In 1972, inspired by head manager Jacques Gourlet, BERNHARDT extended its activities to the production of high barrier bags, tailor-made for the packing of sensitive products and perishable products.

In 1990, thanks to growth achieved in collaboration with leading international pharmaceutical groups, the company moved to larger premises to provide extra capacity, with 20 production lines are now running.

In 2013, the company finally quit its original harbor-side site in Boulogne to move to hi-tech production facilities located at Wimille, north of the city.

In 2016, BERNHARDT, now under the leadership of Jean-Marc Gourlet, celebrated its 60th Anniversary as a specialist manufacturer of high-barrier flexible packaging and efficient equipment for filling and sealing applications in the pharmaceutical industry, with success built on technical and organizational innovation and commitment to providing customers with ideally adapted solutions.

Quality and Regulatory

BERNHARDT multi-layer bags and pouches are produced to cGMP standards with rigorous quality tests performed through entire manufacturing process, with complete traceability, with unique number printed on each bag. Pharmacopeia certification is also available.

The company has full ISO 9001 & 14001 certification.

Quality assurance starts with control of raw materials at reception and extends through to release of final products. Production control includes visual control by operators and in-house quality laboratory to test for tensile strength, burst plate, vacuum integrity, drop resistance and bacteriological test on demand.


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