BERNHARDT Gravimetric Filling Machines

BERNHARDT Gravimetric Filling Machines

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BERNHARDT offers gravimetric filling machines for big bag applications and also for combined filling and dosing.

They are particularly designed to handle pulverulent products with variable fluidity, including lump formation and poor flowability that are encountered in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and cosmetics industries

Big Bag Filling

BERNHARDT’s gravimetric big bag filling machine allows sensitive products to be packed in a sealed packaging to preserve all the mechanical and/or organoleptic qualities of the products throughout their specified lifetimes.

The machine is designed for automatic filling of big bags with powders and granules, with a production rate of 6-12 big bags of up to one tonne per hour, depending on bag volume and substance flowrate.

It incorporates a number of features that are highly desirable in pharmaceutical and fine chemicals filling operations, such as:

  • Inflatable seal to guarantee tightness during filling
  • inert gas bag opening for controlled atmosphere packaging
  • Automatic liner sealing
  • Touch screen for parameter management
  • Control of vacuum level and reinjection of inert gas
  • Precision weighing
  • Cycle recorded for each bag
  • Hygienic design and stainless steel fabrication
  • Suspended structure to facilitate floor cleaning

This delivers a series of tangible user benefits that include:

  • Filling, weighing and liner sealing at the same workstation
  • Operator presence only required for starting the cycle
  • High quality seal for all types of liner
  • Easier GMP/GDP compliance
  • Support for wash, clean or sterilize in place (CIP/SIP)

Fill and Dose Machine

BERNHARDT’s Filldose filling and dosing machine has been designed to meet the requirements of industrial sectors like the food industry, pharmaceuticals or chemicals. It is designed for the semi-automatic filling of powders and granules into bags ranging from 1 kg to 50 kg.

The Filldose machine is designed around an integrated bag support table and is fabricated in 304 and electropolished 316 grade stainless, including 60 L hopper. The solution incorporates a range of features supporting pharma and similar applications. These include:

  • Stainless steel fluidizing and de-bridging blades
  • PTFE dosing shutter
  • Level sensor with hopper full indicator
  • Hopper up and down movements by electrically operated jacks positioned at easy cleaning height
  • Pouyes ring to trap fine dust
  • Donaldson vent for air extraction
  • Clamp to hold and seal the top of the bag
  • Brushless motor
  • Touch screen control panel on articulated arm

The Filldose solution delivers a series of meaningful benefits for users. These include:

  • Continuous monitoring of dosing speed
  • High precision weighing of all types of powders
  • Ability to handle difficult-to-dose products
  • Superior operator exposure limit protection
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Support for CIP/SIP
  • Filling cycles recorded for each bag
  • In-line integration


Veronique Malahieude, Client Care Manager, BERNHARDT SAS
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BERNHARDT Big Bag Gravimetric Filling Machine

BERNHARDT Big Bag Gravimetric Filling Machine

BERNHARDT Filldose filling and dosing machine

BERNHARDT Filldose filling and dosing machine

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