High Barrier Moisture Bags

High Barrier Moisture Bags

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BERNHARDT, the French-based world leader in film and foil pouches and bags, has significantly expanded its capacity to produce free-standing liquid pouches and high barrier moisture bags for dry and liquid products.

The company has also expanded its range of high barrier moisture bags in line with pharma industry trends to replace rigid containers with more space efficient and consumer friendly flexible pouches that economize on storage space, prolong shelf-life, provide better protection against contamination and enable a wider range of product-specific stand-alone packaging solutions.

High Barrier Moisture Bag types

BERNHARDT offers reclosable pouches with high barrier properties to protect products from moisture, oxidation, light, and contamination in two principal ranges:

Flexible bags for Liquids and Pastes: 200L to 1000L
BERNHARDT’s larger liquid pouches are designed for long term packing of sensitive liquid, paste and semi-paste products in medium to high volumes, constructed from materials chosen to meet specific requirements such as protection against vapor moisture, gas, UV or packing under vacuum or gas flushing. Spouts, caps and connections are available to suit a wide range of filling processes and end-user applications.

BERNHARDT can also supply high barrier moisture proof tubular bags and liners that provide an ideal solution for lining drums and pails for products requiring extra barrier protection.

Pouches for Liquids and Pastes: 1l to 200 L
BERNHARDT produces a range of smaller pouches and sachets designed for long term packing of sensitive liquid and paste products in small to medium volumes and available in space-efficient Stand Up Pouch, Side Gusset and 4 Seals Pillow variants as well as special shapes for specific applications. A wide range of spouts, caps and connections is available to adapt each pouch to different filling processes, as well as fitments, handles, suspension holes, etc.

High Barrier technologies

BERNHARDT’s liquid pouch solutions are based on a variety of leading-edge technologies required to produce high barrier packaging. These include:

  • Sealable In Layer: made from Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) in thicknesses from 75µm to 150µm and incorporating ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) or silicon oxide (SiOx) additives to increase the barrier properties of transparent PE materials
  • Non-Sealable Out Layer: Made from Polyester (PET), White or Brown paper, Polyamide (PA), Metallic Polyester film or PP
  • Intermediate Layers: provided in Aluminum, Polyamide, Metallized Polyester, etc., to give liners mechanical resistance or additional protection properties
  • BI-Layer Materials: Dual laminate Paper-PE, Pa-PE or Pet-PE for eco-applications; Sy-PE, Pet EVOH-PE, Paper-EVOH-PE or Metallized Pet-PE for optimum barrier performance
  • Triplex Layer Materials: High Barrier: Pet-Alu-PE, ¨Paper-Alu-PE, Metallized Pet-PE, Pet-PA-SiOx PE
  • Quadruplex Layer Materials: Four-layer laminates for ultra-high barrier applications including Pet-Alu-Pa-PE and Paper-Alu-Pa-PE

BERNHARDT has also perfected Impulse Driver as the ideal system for temperature thermo-regulation hermetic sealing by users.


BERNHARDT Packaging & Process (BERNHARDT) is a French-based specialist manufacturer of high-barrier foil packaging and industrial packaging machinery.

Joseph Bernhardt founded the company in 1956 in Boulogne-sur-Mer to design and manufacture machines for the packing of fish and seafood. In the early 1970s, it extended its activities to the production of high barrier bags, tailor-made for the packing of sensitive products and perishable products.

The company is a now a world-class specialist in pharma industry solutions for the packing of sensitive powders, granules, paste or liquid products in pouch sizes ranging from 30cl to 2000 liters. These are formed of high barrier foils for ultra-sensitive products as well as laminated or co-extruded medium protection films for mainstream applications.

BERNHARDT offers a very wide range of open mouth packs and reclosable pouches with high barrier properties to protect products from moisture, oxidation, light, and contamination. These include pouches for solids, liquids and pastes and large capacity high barrier bags. for solids: 80-2000 liters It also manufactures a wide range of specialized machinery to meet specific packaging needs such as sealing, powder filling, vacuum or gas flushing and packing.

The company is a member of the GMP BOX alliance of five family-owned companies based in Northern France with shared mission to bring strong expertise in various complementary packaging domains to pharma and biotech market. Other members are Baron Group, specializing in advance production technologies; SERAIL, a world leader freeze drying technology; EREA, specialized in containment solutions and ultra clean air protection; and powder mechanical processing specialist Forplex.


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