ZELLX® Oxytocin Competitive ELISA kits

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March 3rd 2021

ZELLX® has added Oxytocin ELISA kits to its wide range of off-the-shelf high quality immunoassays and bioassays to support life sciences research, discovery and analytical applications.

The new ZELLX® branded colorimetric and chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA) Oxytocin ELISA kits help to overcome accurate quantification problems in harmonizing to the standard curves that provide reference for all immunoassays and bioassays.

Oxytocin ELISA kit features

ZELLX® Oxytocin ELISA kits are aligned with standards defined by the UK-based National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) that is responsible for developing and producing over 90% of the biological international standards in use around the world.

The kits use Oxytocin Standard solutions calibrated to the WHO 4th International Standard for Oxytocin (NIBSC code: 76/575) to provide the most reliable reference possible.

They are based on the Competitive ELISA technique used for the estimation of antibodies present in a specimen, based on competing binding processes executed by original (sample) antigen and add-in antigen. This technique is particularly applicable to small molecules.

The kits also incorporate a number of other features to make them more useful to researchers and laboratories. These include:

  • Species independent (can be used to measure Oxytocin in human and other species)
  • High sensitivity (17pg/mL ELISA; 6.33 pg/mL CLIA )
  • Wide detection range (22.9 – 10000 pg/mL, ELISA; 15.5 – 5000 pg/mL)
  • Storage at refrigerator (4°C) temperature

Oxytocin ELISA kit benefits

The ZELLX® immunoassays are available in both colorimetric and chemiluminescent (CLIA) forms  and form gold standards for quantification of oxytocin, the peptide hormone and neuropeptide normally produced in the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary that has been featured in a wide range of behavioral, mental health, anxiety reproductive, natal and post-natal studies.

The kits are very competitively priced, with value enhanced by inclusion of extraction solution, meaning they are all-inclusive stand-alone solutions.

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