ZELLX® Estradiol ELISA kit

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August 18th 2021

ZELLX® has developed Estradiol ELISA kits that allow non-invasive measurement of Estradiol with low cross reactivity to other steroids.

The ZELLX® Estradiol ELISA kit evaluates the level of estradiol from Fecal Extracts, Urine and TCM provide a non-invasive platform to measure this analyte in biological sample.

Estradiol measurement

The ZELLX® Estradiol assay method is species independent, and has the low cross reactivity with other steroids to overcome the cross reactivity with other steroids that can pose a significant challenge in quantifying steroids in biological samples.

The ZELLX® Estradiol Assay series has been developed based on the competitive ELISA method which is ideal for quantification of small antigens even at low concentrations.

Estradiol Assay Kits are available in 96-well formats and can measure Estradiol within 2.5 hours from a wide range of sample types, including urine, fecal extracts, and TCM, while the high sensitivity kit takes a similar time to measure Free 17β-Estradiol from serum or plasma samples.

The kits provide exact measurements across two different ranges:

  • Estradiol ELISA: 26.5-10000 pg/mL
  • High sensitivity ELISA: 2.05 -120 pg/mL

This allows the kits to covering all needed ranges and sensitivities involved in biological studies.

User advantages

The ZELLX® Estradiol Assay series deliver a clear set of tangible user advantages for research teams and laboratories:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Highest sensitivity
  • Different measurement ranges
  • Low cross reactivity with other steroids

Research interest

Estradiol (C18H24O2), also known as E2, is a major female sex hormone, regarded as the strongest estrogen, regulating menstrual reproductive cycles as well as the estrous cycle. It is a key regulator of growth, differentiation, and function in a wide array of tissues, including the male and female reproductive tracts, mammary gland, brain, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. E2 has two distinct intracellular receptors; ERα and ERβ which are mediating the main biological functions of E2.

ERα and ERβ are encoded by unique genes possessing the functional domain characteristics of the steroid/thyroid hormone superfamily of nuclear receptors. ERα, as the predominant form, is expressed in the breast, uterus, cervix, and vagina, whereas ERβ exhibits a more limited pattern and is primarily expressed in the ovary, prostate, testis, spleen, lung, hypothalamus, and thymus.


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ZELLX® Estradiol ELISA kit

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