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VTU Technology to Showcase Next Generation Protein Expression Platform

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October 1st 2013

Austrian laboratory VTU Technology, the leader in Pichia pastoris protein expression services, is to use two European networking and partnering events to showcase its revolutionary Pichia pastoris protein expression platform.

VTU will be present at CPhI Worldwide 2013, on 22-24 October at Messe Frankfurt. This leading international pharmaceutical networking event brings together over 30,000 attendees from 140 countries, along with 2,200 exhibitors. VTU will be using the CPhI Global Meetings programme to identify potential prospects interested in Pichia pastoris’ revolutionary multi-expression capabilities as well as using the portal to arrange meetings with visitors who would like to meet VTU Technology at the event.

The company will also attend BIO-Europe, Europe´s largest partnering conference, held in Vienna, November 4-6. The 2013 event is likely to attract almost 3,000 delegates from more than 50 countries.

VTU Technology will be using EBD Group’s partneringONE® networking system to pre-arrange private one-to-one meetings and will be presenting its outstanding Pichia pastoris protein expression platform & services and latest technology developments at the Austrian Country Seminar on Monday, November 4 , 4 – 5 p.m.

NextGen Protein Expression
Hailed as the ‘next generation’ of protein expression, Pichia pastoris is a proprietary platform that combine exclusive technologies with FTO tools and highly elaborated procedures to provide its customers high-performance production protein strains and associated economically viable and scalable protein production processes.

VTU´s highly approved 1st generation promoter variants – forms the core of VTU´s cutting-edge in-house Pichia pastoris toolbox enabling high-level protein expression (up to 20 g/L of secreted protein). This unmatched technology platform is complemented by novel 2nd generation AOX1 promoter variants allowing for methanol-free expression thus providing customers with high-performance expression strains that are non-dependent on methanol induction. VTU´s exclusive promoter libraries provide an unprecedented genetic diversity with superior regulatory properties for fine-tuning of gene expression by selecting the perfect match of promoter and target combinations.

Researchers at VTU have consistently demonstrated the platform’s ability to rapidly produce a wide range of different proteins, including serum proteins, cytokines, Fabs and other antibody derived fragments, scaffold proteins, fusion proteins and enzymes.

As of autumn 2013 VTU Technology will be able to expand its service offerings by adding RCT´s revolutionary Pichia GlycoSwitch® system (e.g. for homogeneous Man5 antibodies) to its portfolio alongside VTU´s exclusive, established Pichia pastoris expression platform. This unique combination of technologies acting synergistically offers a new dimension of recombinant protein expression and creates a high performance production platform for recombinant glycoproteins with outstanding product yields and controlled Man5 or generation of other human-like glycoforms.

In addition, VTU Technology offers outlicensing/co-development opportunities for several recombinant proteins such as recombinant human serum albumin (rHSA), recombinant human serum transferrin (rHST), HSA- fusion proteins and cell culture proteins.

VTU recently signed a licensing agreement with Minapharm that provided access to Pichia pastoris technology for development of a therapeutic rHSA.

VTU will use the advanced networking facilities at BIO-Europe and at CPhI Worldwide to explore further potential collaborations to harness the new Pichia pastoris technology.

Dr. Thomas Purkarthofer, VTU’s Head of Business Development, said the company has been a consistent attendee of BIO-Europe, having been present at every event since 2008.

“At BIO-Europe and now also at CPhI Worldwide, we will be available to provide more information on our Pichia pastoris protein expression platform, including related services and latest technology developments,” he added.

“We hope to give every company interested in VTU and our technologies the possibility to set up face-to-face meeting to discuss potential upcoming projects or collaborations,” said Dr. Purkarthofer.

VTU is inviting visitors to contact the company directly or via the event partnering systems, to arrange exploratory meetings. The CPhI global meetings programme and the BIO-Europe networking system are already open.

About VTU Technology
VTU Technology is a leading service provider for the fast track development of protein expression strains and protein production processes often yielding up to 20 g/L of secreted protein for a wide range of biologics and other proteins.

VTU Technology´s powerful Pichia pastoris protein expression technology platform is based on its optimized gene design and cloning strategies, exclusive AOX1 promoter libraries & in-house expression platform and high-throughput screening & cultivation regime, combined with excellent know-how in fermentation and downstream process development.

Headquartered in Grambach/Graz, Austria, VTU Technology is a private company and a subsidiary of VTU Holding, an Austrian enterprise that combines several technology and engineering companies in pharma & life science, chemistry, as well as power and fuel industry.

VTU Technology
Thomas Purkarthofer
Head of Business Development
Tel: +43 (0) 316 4009 4017

For more information about VTU´s Pichia pastoris protein expression platform & services, please contact VTU Technology directly.


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