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VTU Technology attending leading events worldwide

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March 1st 2018

Grambach, Austria: – Protein expression specialist VTU Technology is headed for influential events on both sides of the Atlantic during March 2018 to present different aspects of its Pichia pastoris recombinant protein production technology.

At all three events, VTU will reveal its latest advances and emerging applications of its exclusive Pichia pastoris protein expression toolbox allowing the time-saving generation of high performance expression strains and economically viable protein production processes for the competitive manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, enzymes and various other recombinant proteins.

Halle Recombinant Proteins Conference

The program begins on March 8, when VTU will attend the two-day 6th Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins in Halle/Salle, Germany.

During the first day of the conference, VTU´s Head of Downstream and Analytics, Dr. Iskandar Dib will give a presentation: ‘Unlock Pichia – novel strategies and molecular tools to enhance protein expression’ during the morning session on New Expression Technologies”.

BIO-Europe Spring 2018

Four days later, VTU Technology Head of Business Development, Dr. Thomas Purkarthofer will lead the company’s team to Amsterdam to be present at the BIO-Europe Spring partnering conference.

VTU Technology is now accepting requests by email (see below) or via BIO-Europe’s partneringONE platform from anyone looking to discuss advanced recombinant protein production solutions with Thomas Purkarthofer in Amsterdam.

BioProcess International, San Francisco

Five days after the Bio-Europe event ends, VTU will travel to the US West Coast for the BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition in San Francisco., California, to provide delegates with insights into VTU´s latest technology developments.

Unlock Pichia – Broadest Pichia protein production platform

“We will be able to show how we provide unique solutions through an increase in genetic diversity. VTU Technology’s platform stands out due to its potential for expression optimization and debottlenecking with respect to many aspects of protein expression all the way from transcription and translation to translocation, protein folding and secretion thus maximizing yields without compromising product quality,” he added.

About VTU Technology

VTU Technology, a leading contract research and development company, offers the broadest toolbox and most versatile technology platform available for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein expression / production enabling highest productivities delivering up to 25 g/L of secreted protein (record productivities of 35 g/L) within a few weeks development time.

VTU´s yield-enhancing Pichia pastoris expression platform is based on its proprietary AOX1 promoter libraries and set of expression enhancing helper factors, several platform strains with different genetic backgrounds, elaborated cloning and transformation protocols, a high-throughput screening and cultivation regime combined with excellent know-how in fermentation and downstream process development for maximization of product yield and overall process performance.

Headquartered in Grambach, near Graz, Austria, VTU Technology is a private company and a subsidiary of VTU Holding, an Austrian enterprise that combines several technology and engineering companies in chemistry, pharma and life science as well as in the energy industries.

More information: and

About Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins

The Halle Conference on Recombinant Proteins provides a unique platform for the exchange of latest scientific and technological findings, know-how and expertise between scientists from academia and industry.

Presenters from Pharma industry, Biotech industry and Academia talk about latest developments of protein-based therapeutics covering new formats, modifications, manufacturing, formulation and analytics.

The 2018 Conference is a two day event, opening March 8, 2018, at the German Academy for Sciences Leopoldina, in association with Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg.

The event is organized by the University with more information available at:

About BIO-Europe Spring 2018

BIO-Europe Spring® a premier partnering conference that annually attracts an international “who’s who” from biotech, pharma and finance for high caliber networking.

The three-day event opens on March 12 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.

Featuring EBD Group’s sophisticated partnering system, partneringONE®, the event enables delegates to network with companies across the life science value chain, from large biotech and pharma companies to financiers and innovators.

The event is organized by EBD with more information at:

About BPI West 2018

The BioProcess International West Coast (BPI West) Summit is one America’s leading phase-based bioprocessing events for emerging biologic processes with commercial potential.

The four-day even opens March 19, 2018, at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square and will host more than 400 bioprocessing professionals from academia and industry.

The conference features four major streams on Early Stage Process Development, Late Stage Process Development, Commercial Manufacturing and Single-Use/ Flexible Facilities.

BPI West is also organized by EBD with further information at:


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