Charles Ischi AG – UTS-S20 – Containment level OEB3 Automatic Tablet Testing solution

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October 27th 2020

The UTS-S20 automated tablet testing system provides a fully dust proof solution that meets the containment requirements needed to comply with OEB Level 3 occupational exposure limits.

The special cover design and unique sealing system allow the UTS-S20 testers to become part of full clean production environments offering full operator protection while their comprehensive connection and expansion possibilities mean they can become an integral part of any tableting process.

Features & Functions

The UTS-S20 DUST-PROOF is based on the Kraemer UTS4.1 automatic tablet testing system with the following modifications:

  • Enhanced PMMA acrylic glass cover with special sealing.
  • Synthetic frame.
  • Special funnel for closed infeed of tablets.
  • Two-way sorter for tested tablets.
  • Sealed and magnetic coupled tablet waste collector baskets.

Specific features include:

  • Two stage dedusting: Tablets are automatically dedusted in the patented perforated feeder chute before testing. After separation the tablets are fed into the starwheel (star-shaped transfer element) with the use of a dust-insensitive sensor. Additional post-separation tablet dedusting keeps the tablet tester clean with remaining dust and debris collected in a special dust tray that pulls out for easy emptying.
  • Self-cleaning: The machine incorporates 24 PTFE scrapers inside the starwheel that shuffle dust and tablet crumbs to the waste collector tray to keep the track where tablets are moved through the testing stations clean.
  • Positioning: The smart design of the transport starwheel aligns, centers and transports the tablets through the different weight, thickness, diameter and hardness measuring stations.
  • Handling of unusual tablet shapes: The transportation starwheel that moves tablets through the different testing station is available with many different executions and can be customized.
  • Online tablet testing: The UTS-S20 can be easily connected to a tablet press to function as an online monitoring device, with sampling can be initiated either from the production machine or via Ph21 software.

User Benefits

The special cover design and the unique sealing system for high performance duties provides the ultimate benefits for your production site:

  • OEB Level 3 containment
  • Clean production environment
  • Better operator protection
  • Tailored to fit any tableting process
  • Easily connected to any tablet press

OEB 3 compliance

The tablet testing system UTS 4.1-S20-TD has been tested by the ISPE (formerly SMEPAC) for particle concentrations in room air and particle deposits on surfaces.

It successfully passed the tests for mean Human Toxicity Potential Occupational Exposure Bands Level 3 (OEB 3) and is therefore covered by ISPE OEB Level 3 certification, both for general design and specific types that has been brought to market.

Options and Accessories

  • Ph21 Software: Data Acquisition and Analysis program provides full USP Ph.21 standard data integrity and compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Touch display for UTS: User-friendly operation either standalone or with PC connection.
  • OZB: Patented centering and width measurement unit for oblong shaped tablets.
  • Sampling diverter: Samples tablets at the tablet press outlet and feeds them into the tablet testing system.
  • ATS Air Transportation System: ATS-1 (for single sided tablet presses) and ATS-2 (double sided) delivers tablet samples from the tablet press to the tablet testing system.
  • Two-way sorting diverter: for automated sorting of different batch samples.
  • 12-Station Feeder: for automated feeding of tablet samples.
  • 12-Station Collector: automated collecting of different batch samples.
  • Measuring Range Extensions: 50N and 800N load cells allow enhanced accuracy testing for soft and particularly hard tablets.
  • Transport device: for more mobility in production.
  • Calibration kit: Practical case with standard weights, gauge blocks and tools for tablet hardness tester calibration. Certified by German Calibration Agency DKD.
  • Dynamic calibration device: Plug-in dynamic calibration and adjustment system comprising handheld display, software and certified external load cell sensor.


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Charles Ischi AG – UTS-S20 – Containment level OEB3 Automatic Tablet Testing solution

UTS4.1-S20 tablet tester features a special cover design and unique sealing system, allowing it to meet OEB Level 3 containment requirements

Charles Ischi AG – UTS-S20 – Containment level OEB3 Automatic Tablet Testing solution

Perforated feeder chute feeding into automatic feeding system with star wheel available in a range of shapes

Charles Ischi AG – UTS-S20 – Containment level OEB3 Automatic Tablet Testing solution

Perforated receiver station above opened dust and waste collection tray

Charles Ischi AG – UTS-S20 – Containment level OEB3 Automatic Tablet Testing solution

Starwheel arms are fitted with PTFE scrapers to move dust and tablet crumbs to the waste tray to keep feeding system clean

Charles Ischi AG – UTS-S20 – Containment level OEB3 Automatic Tablet Testing solution

Touch display extension offers intuitive standalone operation including storing of product values, instant print outs, calibration or set up changes and plain text system messages