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    New ‘human face’ for Charles Ischi to mark 30th Anniversary

    news-releasesCharles Ischi AG
    June 22nd 2022

    Zuchwil, Switzerland: – Charles Ischi AG Testing Technology is marking the 30th anniversary of its founding with a visual brand refresh program, emphasizing its human values.

    The company’s new look for 2022 will include a redesigned communications strategy, re-engineered website, updated corporate visual style and new logo, all aimed at making Charles Ischi more visually distinct and contemporary.

    Closer to customers

    The revised communications strategy focuses on developing closer relationships with customers, giving them more opportunities to directly feedback on products and services. It will also emphasize the human face of Charles Ischi with more direct participation by its people in marketing campaigns.

    Founder and Managing Director Charles Ischi said 2022 would be a special year for the company on multiple levels.

    Mr Ischi commented: “As we celebrate our 30 year jubilee, it was decided that it is necessary to formulate our position in the market and adjust the visual environment of the brand.”

    “For a customer, it’s rather difficult to differentiate between manufacturers and choose the product that most closely meets their own needs and values,” Mr Ischi reflected.

    “The obvious differentiating attributes of Charles Ischi AG are deep immersion in client needs and  individual solutions, expressed as a visionary position and innovation. These are our supporting brand values,” he declared.

    Visionary values

    Mr Ischi explained that the brand refresh program was based on qualitative research among company employees and customers, aimed at identifying its key brand attributes. This research had helped to instill Ischi’s major brand strength as an innovative company with a high level of empathy in communication.

    “Our company has often taken on very challenging customer requirements, which many suppliers in the market refused. This gave us a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs and assisted us in the development of new products,” Charles Ischi noted.

    The company’s new visual brand design will be seen most directly in its updated website, re-engineered to make it more convenient, user-friendly and easily navigable.

    About Charles Ischi

    Charles Ischi AG – OSD Testing Technology are a Swiss-based specialist manufacturer of testing equipment for tablets and capsules and in-process control solutions for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Supplying testing equipment, specializing in oral solid dosage testing technology for research, development, quality control and in-process control.

    From its headquarters in Zuchwil, in the central Swiss canton of Solothurn in the heart of Europe, the company maintains an international sales and service network for pharmaceutical tablet and capsule testing equipment and process automation solutions, which include a revolutionary In-Process Control (IPC) turnkey add-on solution that can upgrade in-process control tablet testing procedures in-line to all makes and model of tablet press and capsule filling machinery.

    Charles Ischi has grown and developed over more than two decades by maintaining a rigorous focus on driving new technology introduction and customized solution to ensure customer satisfaction, excellent sales advice and after sales service support.

    The company’s key strength is a committed sales force providing support through its international sales network, with individual customer care, support for installation and qualification, training, service and repair.

    Its product focus is on tablet breaking force testers, multiparameter tablet testing systems, capsule weighing systems, disintegration testers and friability testers.

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    New ‘human face’ for Charles Ischi to mark 30th Anniversary

    Charles Ischi’s new look and logo is visible in its re-engineered web presence.

    New ‘human face’ for Charles Ischi to mark 30th Anniversary

    Redesigned website makes Charles Ischi services portfolio more visible.

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