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    Dec Group Sterile Medicinal Products handling & Fill-Finish Solutions

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    November 25th 2020

    Dec Group has developed a range of liquid & powder filling solutions to meet pharmaceutical industry aseptic/sterile Fill-Finish process needs.

    Including standard platforms and custom-tailored equipment, Dec‘s engineered microdosing and containment system technologies are designed to meet the industry’s demanding requirements for sterile primary packaging with cGMP compliant filling solutions, closely adapted to process requirements and the most recent revisions of the EU EudraLex  Annex 1 Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products guidelines.

    Dec’s solutions, the new Annex I requirements and the latest status, trends and technologies in parenteral filling equipment are all covered in a new Dec Group White Paper, Aseptic Filling Expertise: High Quality Pharma Technology Design, available upon request (see Resources).

    Range of Fill-Finish solutions

    All Dec filling equipment is configured for seamless integration into production lines and can accommodate various manufacturing speeds and packaging formats.

    The full range of applications is tabulated below and include:

    • RTU/RTF (ready-to-use or fill) bottles, vials, cartridges, syringes, pre-sterile nested trays and combined powder and liquid filling for dual chamber systems
    • Filling methods for liquids/gels using Dec’s patent pending BoMa combined vacuum pressure technology, net weight filling, peristaltic pump, rotary piston pump and μPTS, flexPTS, sPTS, or Auger system microdosing technologies for powders
    • Nested / RTU Vials Pre-filled syringes single or dual chamber, cartridges, bottles, sachets & pouches

    Most of these solutions take advantage of the Dec’s PTS Powder Transfer System® ability to move powders over distance under total containment, meeting latest cGMP requirements for clean in place and sterilize in place (CIP/SIP), with no internal parts or inaccessible areas.


    Click on Aseptic Filling Expertise: High Quality Pharma Technology Design to download White Paper.
    Click on Aseptic Process to download product sheet.
    Click on Primary Packaging: Aseptic Fill-Finish Solutions to see full range of solutions.


    True End-to-End Solutions

    Dec Group Sterile Medicinal Products handling & Fill-Finish Solutions
    Dec Group Sterile Medicinal Products handling & Fill-Finish Solutions

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