Single Punch Tablet Press

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November 26th 2020

Charles Ischi AG – OSD Testing Technology offers the Single Punch Tablet Press as a compact but highly capable solution that is ideal for pharmacies, hospitals and academic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical laboratories.

This rugged machine, with interior main body milled from a single piece of steel, is able to produce 2-22mm sized tablets at up to 3,600 per hour, providing unmatched levels of stability, precision and longevity that draw on more than 70 years’ experience in tablet press development. It makes possible direct small batch production of tablets for pharmacies and start-ups.

Design and Features

Ischi offers this unique single punch tablet press in two versions, one of which is optimized for cytotoxic powders.

Both use a very strong internal mechanism that is able to achieve compression forces of up to 50 kilonewtons (kN), meeting the needs of the most laboratories and pharmacies looking for a prestigious and versatile punch.

Constructed from nickel plated steel or stainless steel (on request), the compression mechanism is divided in three units with the top unit housing the upper punch, which compresses the powder in the loading chamber, while lower part contrasts the compression and extraction of the punched tablet. Feeder and other fittings are fabricated in anticorodal anodized aluminum.

The unit uses high-precision needle bearings with stainless steel and thermoformed plastic external coating, all surrounded by an upper sliding transparent polycarbonate opening.

Easy control and cleaning

External Touch-Screen monitor provides instant check on production data and settings, including production speed, compression data, single punch test mode, automatic production mode and alarms.

For cleaning, all surfaces in contact with the product are washable with water and alcohol solution In accordance with current pharmaceutical and food legislation (certificates available upon request) while punch/die changes and machine disassembly for cleaning can be accomplished without special tools.



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Single Punch Tablet Press

Single Punch Tablet Press offers a compact but capable small scale production solution for laboratories and pharmacies

Single Punch Tablet Press

Compression area divided in three units: top unit with the upper punch compresses the powder in the loading chamber; Central unit in nickel plate also available in stainless steel and lower unit that handles  compression and extraction of the punched tablet. Powder feeder is constructed from anticorodal anodized aluminium