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DEC’s Batchmixer is an advanced in-line mixing system based on Powder Transfer System (PTS) technology that can blend active substances without modifying their physical properties.

The system transfers, mixes and discharges products fully automatically by means of vacuum and pressure under inert conditions. The Batchmixer is particularly useful in pharmaceutical applications where active substances must be handled with no contamination or physical property changes. It also allows operators to mix sensitive or volatile powders.

The Batchmixer thus provides the ultimate powder mixing solution, combining speed and reduced overall process time with the flexibility that enables the same unit to run widely varying batch sizes, from laboratory scale to large scale production. The mixing system blends powders with large differences in blend ratios (1/10,000) and allows turn-down ratios to be varied from ten to 100 per cent of product load.

The mixing of powders is a core capability for pharmaceutical and other solids processing industries that need to meet rigorous safety and hygiene standards while seeking the ideal homogeneity; a uniform distribution of all components within the mix. However, in practice this is extremely difficult to achieve. At best, one achieves stochastic homogeneity; a random mixture, in which the probability of finding a particle of any component is the same at all locations and equal to the proportion of that component in the mixture as a whole. The main problem is that different product properties can lead to particle segregation, usually caused by variances in the motion behaviour of particles of different size and density.

Historically, mixing has been undertaken using three main mechanisms:
Diffusive mixing – blenders that move the particles by rotation, e.g., drum, double-cone, and V-blenders.
Shear mixing – rotor mixers and other machines that blend using ‘slip zones’ between the powders.
Convective mixing – a process that creates circulation patterns within the powder, using rotating paddle systems. These include the commonly used ribbon blender.

All three systems suffer limitations and disadvantages, such as product loss, particle abrasion, and weak containment and tend to be inflexible regarding batch sizes.

To overcome these issues, industry seeks powder mixing solutions that move away from traditional batch process engineering to semi-continuous and continuous blending systems.

PTS Technology
PTS offers such a solution. At the heart of the system is the PTS body with two tangential inlets on top. The PTS body automatically introduces powders as two opposing particle jets that are then fed in semi-mixed form into the main blending container with its central deflector for a predefined further mixing period. Limited circulation speeds protect from particle damage. The system can operate under inert conditions for hygroscopic, oxygen sensitive or explosive powders.

PTS technology has no moving or rotating mechanical parts and therefore requires little maintenance and is easy to clean. It is easy to integrate into production lines, with powders transferred automatically from drums, sacks, or from process equipment such as dryers or granulators. At the end of the mixing process the system can be emptied completely and automatically for the next stage in production.

Features and Benefits
The PTS Batchmixer range features five fully contained powder mixer/blender machines, ranging from the Batchmixer 80, handling batch sizes of 50-100 litres to the Batchmixer 300, handling 1000-3000 litres.

All machines feature AISI type 316L stainless steel, electro-polished main construction with C-22® and other special materials for internal coatings. All offer the following benefits:
• Highly efficient mixing of diverse powders with large differences in ration (1/10’000)
• Non-modification of original product characteristics
• Inert operation capability for toxic and explosive powder handling
• High containment levels
• Extraction from different container types (drums, big-bags, silos, etc.)
• Continuous introduction of additives
• Full discharge by gravity or active transfer over distance
• High turn down ratio (< 10% to 100% product load)
• Minimal maintenance
• Cleaning and sterilization in place (CIP,SIP)
• Space-saving with low height requirement

Options include:
• Hygienic, sterile units
• Load cells
• Mobility trolleys
• Integrated high shear tools
• Active discharge device for non free-flowing powders
• Sampling

For more product information or to discuss DEC’s Batchmixer applications, please contact DEC Group directly.

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