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Powder Handling Systems Provider Dec Group Seek Agent in Brazil

news-releasesDec Group
June 13th 2013

Dec Group the leading global provider of powder handling systems and containment solutions is seeking an exclusive Sales Representative to promote its elite services and products within the Brazilian marketplace. As a leading supplier of powder handling equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries DEC Group is looking for an independent, proactive company to help promote Dec Group’s innovative product portfolio which includes a wide range of patented products that enhance safety, hygiene, containment, reliability and productivity. In addition Dec Group also wishes to seek new opportunities to allow for growth and development in the Brazilian marketplace. The Dec range of products covers every aspect of powder handling including:

• Transferring
• Filling
• Emptying
• Dosing
• Mixing
• Sampling
• Micronizing
• Milling
• Containment

Interested parties who feel Dec Group’s products would fit in with their portfolio are invited to provide detailed company information and contact Ms. Gabriela Mikhaiel by email at to discuss further. The ideal partner will have the right experience and expertise as well as an understanding of the guidelines, confidentiality and requirements of operating as an exclusive distributor of an impressive technical product portfolio.

About DEC Group
Dec is the leading global provider of powder handling systems and has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for over 25 years. Dec continues to work with multi-nationals and specialist operations around the world and has successfully integrated both its off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions into the most complex of operations. In excess of 200 companies worldwide have already successfully integrated over 3000 Dec Systems into their production sites.

Dec is head-quartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. As an organisation, the company has a global presence with European subsidiaries in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland, together with an Asian office in Mumbai, India, and a North American in New Jersey, USA.

Dec is an innovative, forward-thinking organisation made up of industry experts who continually offer products of the highest quality. Dec ensures clients unique, effective solutions to their powder handling requirements.

Dec Group
Gabriela Mikhaiel
Tel: +41 21 694 20 44

For more information or to discuss powder handling systems provider Dec Group seek agent in Brazil please contact Dec Group directly.

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