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    PHCbi VIP ECO ULT Freezers

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    January 31st 2024

    PHCbi has added four new models to its industry-leading range of Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) -86oC upright laboratory freezers that are designed to provide environmentally friendly and ultra-secure sample storage on a compact footprint.

    These latest PHCbi units join the VIP ECO range while also offering a new Frostless ULT Freezer range, bringing further advances in technology for user convenience and energy saving.

    New VIP ECO SMART ULT Freezers

    The MDF-DU503VH-PE and MDF-DU703VH-PE VIP ECO SMART ULT Freezers offer 528 liters and 729 liters of sample storage respectively and are upgraded with additional features for improved safety and usability. These smart features include supplementing conventional Password Protection with Facial Recognition and NFC Authentication, coupled with an Electric Lock for enhanced access control.

    Energy-saving is enhanced by using natural refrigerants combined with inverter compressors that are further optimized with SMART control. This uses proprietary algorithms to allow superior temperature uniformity by running compressors at slower speeds under steady state conditions.

    The design and engineering of the new VIP ECO SMART units result in some of the industry’s lowest specific energy consumption, using up to 30% less electrical power, compared with existing models at around 5.4 kWh/day, at -80°C and 4.4 kWh/day, at -70°C.

    Advanced Security Control and Monitoring features include an eye level, door mounted, 10.1 inches high resolution LCD touchscreen that allows full user control over Freezer access, recording key data, such as who entered the freezer, time of entry, and door open duration.

    Unlocking the freezer can be done by facial recognition, Keypad passcode, unique individual keys or optional Proximity Card using RFID technology.

    A USB port makes transferring logged data to a PC convenient. All performance attributes are displayed, and an internal temperature log can be expressed in graphic form over time.

    New Frostless ULT Freezers

    Also added to the Frostless ULT -86oC freezer range are the 526liter MDF-DU500ZH-PE and 725-liter MDF-DU700ZH-PE with added features for cost-saving and environmentally friendly sample storage with reduced frost accumulation on their inner doors.

    Both units provide optimum sample storage capacity within a compact footprint combined with natural refrigerants to minimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money.

    They feature PHCbi’s latest Frostless Technology that combine a highly efficient variable speed inverter compressor with a new thermal insulation design for the inner doors to suppress frost growth on the inner door surface, thereby reducing time expended in defrosting by 60%.

    While conventional freezers use single speed compressors which cycle ON and OFF, the PHCbi inverter compressor can run at different speeds to maximize cooling performance under different conditions. Combined with hydrocarbon refrigerants, these compressors ensure the most efficient energy use and reduced heat output.

    The improved packing and thermal insulation materials used in frame and doors are combined with a new heated pipe inner door gasket to minimize frosting on door surfaces that can otherwise lead to damage and deterioration of freezer components.


    Click on MDF-DU500ZH-PE  to download product brochure.
    Click on MDF-DU700ZH-PE  to download product brochure.
    Click on MDF-DU503VH-PE  to download product brochure.
    Click on MDF-DU703VH-PE  to download product brochure.


    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHCbi VIP ECO ULT Freezers

    PHCbi VIP ECO SMART ULT Freezer MDF-DU503VH-PE: 526liters of secure storage with enhanced access control and energy saving features.

    PHCbi VIP ECO ULT Freezers

    PHCbi MDF-DU700ZH-PE Frostless ULT -86°C 725 litre Upright Freezer uses advanced materials and engineering to radically reduce frost formation up on the inner doors. 

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