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    Making a success of biobanking – PHC Case Study

    resourcesPHC Europe BV
    January 24th 2024

    A Customer Case Study from PHC Europe (PHCEU) shows how the range and capabilities of PHCbi biomedical and ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers has helped French-based specialists Cell&Co Bioservices make a success of the growing business of biobanking.

    Biological sample biobanks have become essential in supporting the burgeoning global research effort focused on leveraging global clinical trials to their full potential to identify innovative therapies, with trials frequently organised on an international scale.

    Biobanking pioneer

    Cell&Co was one of the first companies to recognise this new reality, with biomedical engineers, Florent Belon and Sofien Dessolin founding the company in 2012. Their mission was to provide a high-quality biobanking service that included secure cell transport, as well as cell storage under highly specific conditions for global trials.

    The security and energy efficiency of storage solutions is crucial to a biobank’s success and Cell&Co decided from the outset to adopt PHCbi freezers as offering the full range of temperature regimes from +20 oC refrigeration down to -80oC ULT and -150oC Cryogenic freezing.

    The case study and customer testimonial provide an in-depth profile of the Cell&Co business and how PHCbi has become an essential and trusted partner in their biobanking success.


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