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    PHCbi MDF Laboratory Freezers for -30o or -40oC clinical preservation

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    March 12th 2024

    PHCbi’s Laboratory Freezers are ideally suited for effective storage of life-saving vaccines and samples for diagnosis and are also well adapted for temperature tests and aging.

    PHC offers complementary ranges of upright and chest format laboratory freezers with storage capacities ranging from 138 to 690 liters.

    PHCbi Laboratory Freezer technology 

    PHCbi -30oC and -40oC Laboratory Freezers incorporate an array of PHCbi proprietary technologies aimed at enhancing their energy efficiency, reliability, sustainability and regulatory compliance. These features include:

    • Energy efficient cascade cooling system: PHCbi’s new capillary tube heat exchanger provides optimum heat exchange pathways in the design, to increases overall system efficiency for energy savings, while also reducing stress on the compressors, for longer service life and enhanced reliability.
    • Inverter technology: inverter compressor varies its operating speeds under intelligent control that recognizes ambient temperature and load conditions to save energy and reduce compressor start-ups that cause greatest wear.
    • Hydrocarbon refrigerants: Natural hydrocarbon refrigerants used on some models in the Laboratory Freezer range provide more efficient cooling due to their high latent heat of evaporation. As a result, smaller compressors can be used leading to greater energy efficiency. With exceptionally low global warming potential natural refrigerants are also better for the environment.
    • Medical Device Certification: PHC products are used by a growing number of customers for the preservation or cultivation of human cells, tissues and blood components, and selected products are classified as medical devices in this context, according to the EU’s MDD Medical Device Directive guidelines. PHC was one of the first major international companies to be awarded MDD compliance certification for a wide range of incubation and refrigeration products in 2011. Since then, it has continued with commitment to certification of key products and its quality systems to ensure that PHC products meet all current and future regulatory requirements.

    The natural refrigerants in selected PHCbi Laboratory Freezers and their low specific power consumption make real contributions to enhanced corporate social responsibility and sustainability for life science and healthcare users.

    PHCbi Laboratory Freezer product range

    PHC offers three principal ranges of Laboratory Freezers:   Biomedical -30°C Upright Freezers, -30°C Chest Freezers, and precision-controlled storage Pro -40°C upright Laboratory Freezers.

    Models in these ranges include:

    • MDF-MU339HL-PE: An ECO 1.8m tall single cabinet freezer with storage capacity of 369 liters and footprint of 0.47 square meters. Features include latching door with universal keyed lock and provision for extra padlock security, insulated door with gasket for sample protection and uniformity, casters and levelling feet for easier positioning, easy defrost system and options for temperature recorder and storage containers.
    • MDF-MU539HL-PE: The same height and depth as the MU339, the MU539HL is wider for storage capacity of 504 liters and features a twin cabinet design. Like its smaller brother, it features hydrocarbon refrigerants, inverter compressor technology and versatile alarm functions with self-diagnostic functions.
    • MDF-U731M-PE: With a height of 1.96M and storage of 690 liters, this large-capacity Laboratory Freezer also features leading edge technologies, such direct cooling system, full cold-wall design for faster recovery from door opening, microprocessor control, digital display, comprehensive alarm system as well as manual defrost for high-end cGMP professional use and outstanding temperature stability.
    • MDF-137-PE: Compact chest cabinet for 138 liters of -30 °C storage on a footprint of under 0.6 square meters. The MDF-137 features Enhanced Operational Memory backup, LED Temperature display, resettable control panel for easy calibration and alarms for high/low temperatures, and power failure. Options include continuous strip or circular temperature recording.
    • MDF-237-PE: Mid-sized -30 °C chest freezer with 221 liters of storage capacity with wire basket upper trays. As well as the features provided on the MDF-137, this larger model also offers a self-diagnostic function.
    • MDF-437-PE: PHCbi’s largest -30 °C chest freezer offers 425 liters if storage with four wire upper trays. As well as the features provided on the MDF-137, this larger model also offers a self-diagnostic function. It also incorporates enhanced operating features including full memory backup.
    • MDF-U443-PE: This single cabinet Laboratory -40°C Plasma Freezer is optimized for storage of fresh frozen plasma and is classified as a Class IIa Medical Device for MDD purposes. It provides 426 liters storage capacity with a host of advanced features. These include microprocessor control with easy operation front-mounted LED display and control panel, memory backup, instant chamber temperature display, twin access ports, optional circular or continuous strip 7-day temperature recorder. Forced Air Circulation technology quickly restores temperature uniformity following routine door openings.
    • MDF-MU549DH-PE: This Laboratory ECO 40°C Plasma Freezer features two independent chambers for a total of 479 liters of sample storage at selectable temperatures, provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of blood plasma, vaccines, test samples, and other biological specimens. A comprehensive alarm system and Class IIa Medical Device Certification ensure this freezer provides unsurpassed reliability, sample security and full regulatory compliance. Features include independent manual defrost for either chamber, comprehensive visual and audible alarm system with remote alarm contacts, self-diagnostic system, padlock fittings on doors, and access port for external probe temperature monitoring (or optional temperature chart recorder).


    Click on PHCbi -30C Laboratory Freezers  to learn more.
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    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHCbi MDF Laboratory Freezers for -30<sup>o</sup> or -40<sup>o</sup>C clinical preservation

    PHCbi MDF-MU339HL-PE: Upright -30oC cabinet freezer offering generous 369-liter storage capacity on a compact footprint.

    PHCbi MDF Laboratory Freezers for -30<sup>o</sup> or -40<sup>o</sup>C clinical preservation

    MDF-237-PE mid-sized -30 °C chest freezer offers 221 liters of storage capacity arranged in three wells with wire basket upper trays.

    PHCbi MDF Laboratory Freezers for -30<sup>o</sup> or -40<sup>o</sup>C clinical preservation

    PHCbi MDF-MU549DH-PE Laboratory ECO -40oC Plasma Freezer features twin independent manual defrost chambers for total 479 liters storage of blood plasma, vaccines, test samples, and other biological specimens at selectable temperatures.

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