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    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 Reach-In Incubator – MCO-80IC-PE

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    April 13th 2023

    PHCbi’s IncuSafe MCO-80IC-PE is a large capacity, Reach-in CO2 Cell Culture Incubator that combines advanced technology, unique design features and high-quality engineering in an 851 litre capacity format to culture large volumes of patient samples, performing short-term studies, and working with large volume cell culture apparatus.

    The MCO-80IC-PE combines superior contamination control with outstanding performance and flexibility, allowing users to replicate in-vivo conditions very closely on a large scale for optimal results and reproducibility.

    MCO-801C-PE features

    The MCO-80IC-PE provides effective capacity of 851 liters in an easily accessed glass door fronted incubation chamber featuring a PHCbi IncuSafe antibacterial copper-alloy stainless interior lining, five shelves, and plenum that help to eliminate molds, spores and other contaminating spills, kills mycoplasma, creating a noncorrosive environment.

    The unit uses microprocessor systems for exact temperature and CO2 control across a  temperature range from 5°C above ambient to 50°C, with a CO2 content ranging from zero to 20% to ensure a precise and regulated environment for cell culture.

    The isolated, SafeCell UV lamp decontaminates circulating air and water in the humidifying pan, for background contamination control without harming cultured cells.

    The Horizontal Laminar Airflow System promotes temperature uniformity while use of forced air to surround the chamber allows uniform temperature distribution with no temperature gradients.

    The infra-red based CO2 control system offers accurate and reliable CO2 measurement using a ceramic-based IR Sensor that is unaffected by moderate changes in temperature and relative humidity and is linked to the PID controller for fast recovery times and lower CO2 consumption. The unit is also engineered for minimal energy consumption.

    Cell Culture Protection and Contamination Control systems include optional UV Sterilization and Humidity Control.

    An optional mounting kit (MCO-80RBS-PW) equips the cabinet to accommodate a roller bottle apparatus, five bottles wide by seven bottles high.

    Applications and Benefits

    The large capacity incubator was specifically designed for critical applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical investigations that stress large scale cultivations with precisely replicated in-vivo environments.

    With its reach-in shelved format, the MCO-80IC-PE is ideal for culturing high volumes of samples with optimum temperature and CO2 uniformity throughout the chamber and rapid recovery after door openings with exceptionally low CO2 gas consumption. The full view, double paned glass door allows easy observation of culture while the door heating system combined with specially designed air flow system prevents condensation throughout the cabinet.

    Other user benefits include:

    • Superior CO2 and temperature control
    • Exceptional active background contamination control
    • Passive resistance to Mycoplasma
    • Integrated core technologies for maximum performance
    • Microprocessor Control System for ease of use
    • Exceptionally low CO2 consumption rates, less than half those of competitive units



    Click on MCO-80IC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Incubator for more information.
    Click on PHCbi IncuSafe range for further information and resources.
    Click on PHCbi MCO-801C-PE  to download product sheet.


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    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 Reach-In Incubator – MCO-80IC-PE

    PHCbi MCO-80IC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Incubator provides 851 liters of capacity.

    PHCbi IncuSafe CO2 Reach-In Incubator – MCO-80IC-PE

    MCO-80IC-PE IncuSafe CO2 Incubator protects samples with double paned glass doors.

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