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    PHC PATHFAST™ Immunoanalyzer

    products-servicesPHC Europe BV
    April 12th 2022

    PHC offers the PATHFAST™, a fully automated immunoassay analyzer which combines advanced chemiluminescence technology with the patented Magtration® technology.

    Its compact design and low weight makes PATHFAST™ the ideal analysis system in laboratories, hospitals and medical offices available wherever fast quantitative results are required at the point of care.

    With its space-saving design and high flexibility, PATHFAST™ also offers an ideal back-up system for central labs. It can be available around the clock without interfering with the processes of routine analysis.

    PATHFAST™ provides rapid differential diagnosis and is easy to operate, install and network. High precision makes this analyzer a viable “satellite” for a full-scale lab on a cardiology, intensive care or emergency ward. Parallel processing enables the examination of up to six samples in only a few minutes from whole blood, serum or plasma.

    PATHFAST™ design and features

    The PATHFAST™ platform consists of two main elements:

    • PATHFAST™ Device software, which provides readouts via LCD touchscreen and confirmations via embedded printer. The system also provides six lanes for reagent cartridges.
    • Reagent cartridges combining chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay (CLIA) and Magtration® technology. PATHFAST™ reagents provide a choice of eight different assays: six cardiac emergency markers (CK-MB mass, D-Dimer, High sensitivity Troponin I, hs-CRP, Myoglobin, NT-proBNP) and two sepsis markers (B·R·A·H·M·S PCT and Prepepsin).

    The device can run up to six quantitative analyses in parallel, using approximately 100ul from whole blood, serum or plasma samples, with results delivered below 17 minutes.

    The system has integral data storage sufficient for 1000 patent readings, 1800 QC readings or 300 CAL data. Ethernet Port and RS-232C interfaces support ASTM or fixed standard data exports.

    PATHFAST™ benefits

    The PATHFAST™ system offers a range of user benefits:

    • Six quantitative analyses simultaneously in a single run
    • Results below 17 minutes
    • Time saving: accepts whole blood samples from patient at point of care with no centrifuge routine required
    • Simple three-step operating procedure
    • Stand-alone solution, no additional reagents, buffers or additional solutions are needed. No water connection nor drain is necessary.
    • Patented Magtration® technology allows samples to be analyzed with high accuracy, precision and sensitivity
    • Perfectly reproducible results closely correlating with full lab analyses
    • Compact footprint (343 x 569 mm)
    • Robust with two-point calibration required with every new lot or every 28 days


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    Innovative Partners for Life Sciences Development

    PHC PATHFAST™ Immunoanalyzer

    PHC PATHFAST™ desktop immunoanalyzer system offers compact and user-friendly alternative to full-scale lab PCR assays for most essential medical lab and clinic analyses.

    PHC PATHFAST™ Immunoanalyzer

    PHC PATHFAST™ desktop Immunoanalyzer accepts up to six drop-in reagent cartridges for multiple emergency marker or sepsis analyses run simultaneously.

    PHC PATHFAST™ Immunoanalyzer

    Simple three-step PATHFAST™ process: collect samples, prime reagent cartridges and load them into console.

    PHC PATHFAST™ Immunoanalyzer

    PATHFAST™ immunoassay analyzer combines the progressive CLIA chemiluminescence assays with patented Magtration® technology for enhanced accuracy, precision, and sensitivity.  

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